I'm 25 Today

My birthday this year sadly falls on a Monday but that's okay because the weekend before is when things were planned for. Today I'm 25 and this past Saturday and Sunday were great. You'll notice my Instagram blew up Saturday and Sunday from me photographing things.

Saturday I had brunch with several of my friends at Bake & Co. Brunch was delicious (see photograph below).

Sunday was the day to spend with my grandparents. We went for brunch at Pigalle which is a French restaurant in the Theatre District area. After brunch we proceeded to see An American in Paris on Broadway. As expected, it was fabulous. If you've never seen a Broadway musical, this is definitely one to see. I found it absolutely enchanting.

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why I didn't "go crazy" and drink until I can't see straight. Well, I don't see the point of getting so drunk that I can't take care of myself in public because there is just too much going on in the world to be stupid. Also, it's the middle of the winter and getting plastered when I have to figure out my drunken way home in the cold is far from ideal. I'm 25 and I look 17 so drinking can also be a headache. Cheers to 25 years of life!



  1. Wow that brunch at Bake & Co looks amazing! What was it? And happy birthday to you ;) x


    1. It was amazing! It was nutella filled French toast with mixed fruit on top of it.

  2. Haha I love that you went to brunch that's pretty much how I think every birthday should begin. Happy belated birthday!

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    1. Thank you! I love brunch. I can have it every day!