7 Things No One Tells You About Beauty

1. Makeup and skincare is all trial and error - Yeah, there is no guarantee that this will work perfectly for you just because it worked wonders for me. This stuff is all trial and error and very subjective. You just have to try it and hope it all works out. Granted, there are things you should stay away from if you know it will impact you negatively like really heavy chemical based foundations if you have sensitive or acne prone skin and so on.

2. Every makeup artist will push makeup on you they like - It sucks but it is true. As humans, we push what we like onto others. Makeup artists are no different so if you know something doesn't work for you or you don't want to try it, be vocal and tell the artist that. Don't buy things just because they are shoved down your throat. Also, remember you can take back things even if you used them to Sephora or Ulta with a receipt!

3. Beauty is all subjective - You may like one product or how it looks on you while your friend or the artist helping you select stuff doesn't. Pick up and buy what makes you happy. Suggestions from others can be helpful but at the end of the day you are the one paying for and wearing this stuff so like it!

4. Clean off the mascara wand before using - No one ever says this and it drives me nuts. When I pull out the wand from the mascara container I always wipe it off with a tissue before using because it makes sure there are no clumps and it makes even kind of crappy mascaras useful.

5. Wipe off your makeup before you wash your face - So many people think using a face wash is all you need and I am always running around screaming the word no. No, you use a facial wipe to take all of your makeup off before you wash your face! I personally like Philosophy's Purity wipes but whatever you can afford and doesn't aggravate your skin is what you should use.

6. You don't have to use a beauty blender or brush - I have a foundation brush and a beauty blender because I like having them when I want to use them. There are plenty of times I just use my fingers. The coverage changes with what you are using but it is up to you to see what you like. Now, powder is hard to not use a sponge or brush because you can't use your fingers. I use liquid stuff.

7. If you are hiding acne don't use powder - Do you break out quite a bit? While powder can be lighter on the skin, it doesn't really help you hide your acne. Did I just blow your mind? Well, from all that I've seen the powder just sits on top of your acne bumps and doesn't actually help hide and blend them into your face which is a problem. Stick with creamy sticks or liquid concealers and foundations/bb creams/cc creams and you will see a difference in coverage and how it lays against your acne areas.



  1. Moral of the story: Do what you want and don't buy anything that anyone pushes onto you if you don't like it! (something I really need to follow more often!) There's been so many times that I just bought something because someone said it was really good, but I ended up hating it!
    Also yes yes yes to to removing makeup before washing! Always!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  2. I loved reading this, I have bought SO many products that everyone I know raves about but hated them. Granted, still happy I tried them because I found I they didn't work for me, but I definitely agree to try things out and find what works personally. Great post! XO -Kim

  3. Good tips! I love the little memes too.


  4. Good tips so true at the end of the day is what works for you because either all trial and error