1. "Oh, but you don't look (insert your ethnicity), I thought you were (insert another ethnicity)" - Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and sounding really stupid in the process because every single person from a country looks the same, right? Wrong.

2. "You're so pretty for a (insert ethnic group) girl." - Do you realize you just gave me a backhanded compliment? Either say I'm pretty or say nothing at all because what you just said was freaking rude!

3. "Isn't Portuguese and Brazilian the same thing?" - No, you geographically incompetent buffoon, they are not. First, Portugal is in EUROPE where Brazil is in SOUTH AMERICA. Second, the two share very different cultures overall due to regions. Third, how about thinking before you speak?

4. "You're Hispanic? That means you're Mexican, right?" -  No, that doesn't mean a person is Mexican. Hispanic and Mexican are not mutually exclusive. A person of Mexican decent is Hispanic but a person who claims Hispanic can be from over 15 different countries so stop being so stupid and educate yourself.

5. "You're well-spoken for being (insert marginalized ethnic group)." - Once again, you just gave me a backhanded compliment which would have been better if you stopped after saying I am well-spoken. Comments like this are rude and unnecessary.