Yours Teaser

Chapter One


Move in day is always busy and stressful but at least now I’m not dorming on campus! The condo is lovely and my roommate is the one person I clicked with as soon as I walked into my Introduction to International Relations class, Talia. I notice her grinning as she watches my brothers unload all of my stuff. The plus about having a fit and athletic younger and older brother? Definitely this move in stuff because I haven’t lifted a finger. 

Jeremy rolls his eyes at me as he drops the two boxes with my shoes in my room. He thinks it is absurd to have so many shoes but I’m not able to return home in under an hour like he is. I chose Yale while he chose Columbia. The commute home is around two hours on a good day. I need lots of shoes to go with whatever outfit I decide to wear. 

Speaking of clothes, I watch as Julian carry in three boxes of my clothes and set them beside my shoe boxes. He winks at me and sticks his tongue out. While I love both of my brothers, Julian has always been the one I was closest to. He’s three years older than me but always made time for me. We are able to have silent conversations and most days I would say he is my best friend. Julian’s the accomplished one of us having graduated from Harvard’s Business School a year early and started a thriving tech start-up that is going public within a few months. 
I’m pulled from all my thoughts as I feel myself lifted off of the ground. Julian is hugging me and spinning me around. I told you he’s my favorite. I laugh and hold on tight.

“What are you thinking so hard about? Jeremy and I did all the hard work of bringing everything to your room, missy.” Julian teases, placing me back to stand on my own two feet again.

“Just kind of thinking. I’ll miss you and Jeremy.” I respond with a frown.

“You’ll see us in a few weeks! Julian is hosting that benefit you planned, remember?” Jeremy laughs coming to stand next to me.

“Right, right. I’ll still miss you both regardless.” I reply with a smile.

Jeremy hugs me and kisses my hair. He’s gotten much more affectionate since I began college. I think he missed me more than he thought he would. I hug him back and sigh. I know neither can dawdle as Jeremy has final things to move into his apartment tonight and that Julian has pressing work matters he’s put off to help me move in. 

“Walk us out, lazy bones,” Julian orders, already head towards the car.

Jeremy and I fall in step behind him. I love Yale but sometimes I wish I would have selected Columbia to be closer to my family. With both Jeremy and Julian in Manhattan, I’m jealous of how they have dinner twice a week with ease. I feel so removed from family life when I’m away at school. 

As we come to stand beside Julian’s black BMW X1, both of my brothers turn and open their arms. I shake my head and stand in between them to have a three way hug. We’ve been doing this weird hug thing since Julian began going away to college. It’s our thing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Let me know when you both get back to the city. Julian, don’t type and drive. Jeremy, you make sure he doesn’t and that you message when you get to the city and not hours later.” I say, my voice stern.

“Yeah, yeah, we got it, mother,” Jeremy answers as he slides into the passenger seat and secures his seatbelt. 

I wave as the SUV takes off down the road. I look over at my white Volvo S60 parked in the driveway. I love my car and I’m glad my parents don’t fight me on bringing it away to school. Shaking my head, I walk back inside the condo and head right to my room. If I don’t unpack right now it won’t happen for at least another two weeks. I know myself all too well. 

“I know you’re unpacking because you won’t for weeks if you don’t do it now, but I was wondering if you wanted to eat out with me and a few of my friends?” Talia asks, startling me as I pull out a black pair of ankle boots.

“Friends? Are they people I don’t know?” I ask turning to look at her. 

“Well, you know Jaime from our Psychology class last year, but she’s dating one of the hockey team and a few of them will be there. You know, we could totally date hot hockey players possibly going to the NHL!” Talia giggles and winks. 

“Sure, that sounds great. What time are we going and where are eating?” 

“We need to be there by 6:30 and it’s one of your favorite’s, L’Orcio,” Talia grins before shimmying out of my room.

I laugh to myself and continue pulling my shoes from the first box and loading them along the bottom of my closet. Hot hockey players didn’t sound too bad. I gave up trying to date after last fall semester when no one interested me. Maybe I wasn’t looking in all the right places. I’m not adverse to dating but I don’t want to settle, either. I want passion, chemistry and something. I’m a bit of an idealist. 

After all my stuff was in its place and all the boxes were broken down I checked my iPhone for the time. It was already 5:45 p.m. which meant we needed to leave in about fifteen minutes in order to not be late. I had enough time to add some light makeup and brush my teeth before we headed out. 

“Yeah, you better look hot for the guys,” Talia teases while she applies eyeliner in the bathroom mirror.

“Well, a little makeup and brushing my teeth won’t hurt my chances of getting laid,” I drawl back with an eye roll while layering toothpaste onto my toothbrush.

Talia snorts and continues applying her makeup. She was the one who bounced around and dating easily. She wasn’t as reserved as I was which was good since I needed someone to balance me out a bit. I wasn’t a nun but I just didn’t see the point of lackluster encounters with guys. 

“I love when you do that gold and brown smokey eye on you. Your brown hazel eyes are awesome. You’re getting laid tonight!” Talia cheered watching me finish up my makeup.

“So I’m presentable now and we can go?” I laughed.

“Hell yeah! I’m driving so you have no excuse to not drink and have fun tonight.” Talia replied with a wink. 

When we arrived to L’Orcio’s I recognized Jamie and figured she was standing with the people we were going to be eating with. As Talia and I got closer Jamie waved at us and I smiled before losing the ability to breathe. The most gorgeous pair of green blue eyes I’ve ever seen was staring at me. As I took in the face that went with the eyes I wasn’t let down, strong and prominent jaw, shapely and full lips, a dimple in each cheek and messy wavy dark brown hair. He was gorgeous and this must be what it feels like to have insta lust because I wanted him. 

“Sabrina, this is Ethan Bristol,” I heard Talia introduce the adonis and I forced myself to breathe.

“Hello, Ethan,” I smile, leaving my hand out to shake.

“Hello, Sabrina,” Ethan greets in response, taking my hand and brushing his soft lips against my knuckles.

I swear I felt tingles shoot up my arm. This is the most intense feeling and from the look of Ethan’s slightly widened eyes, he feels it, too. I want to feels those lips against mine, against my skin making, doing things to make me moan and sigh in pleasure. Fuck. Ethan Bristol just made me the horniest I’ve ever been and all he did was kiss my knuckles. Christ. 

I sighed as he dropped my hand and stepped back. Talia quickly introduced me to the rest of the group but my mind was a mess. As we walked inside to our table I felt Ethan beside me. Turning my head I caught his wink before he pulled out my chair. Could he be any more perfect? He’s gorgeous, athletic, tall and has manners.

“You’re a Political Science major, Sabrina?” A blonde guy with crystal blue eyes asks me as I get settled into my chair.

He’s attractive with thick, neatly quaffed short blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and a dimple in his chin. I don’t recall his name and now I feel like an ass. Damn it, Ethan Bristol, you shouldn’t make me want to climb you like a tree when I’m getting told people’s names. 

“Yes, I am. I’m sorry, I’m terrible with names. Yours is?” I answer trying to not sound like an idiot.

The guy grins and laughs. He’s clearly not put off by the fact that I don’t remember his name. This is good. I notice Talia is in an animated discussion with Jaime, Torrence, and some other guy I don’t recognize. 

“I’m James O’Connell,” James says extended his hand to shake mine across the table.

“Lovely to meet you James. Let me guess, you’re of Irish decent?” I tease shaking his hand before taking it back.

“Was it the last name that gave him away?” Ethan laughs and I find myself laughing along.

Ethan has a contagious laugh and I love the sound. Does he have any flaws because I’m starting to think he really is perfect and that’s just unfair to the rest of us. I notice James isn’t laughing and find that odd. I’m assuming they are friends so why doesn’t he find it funny? Ethan was clearly teasing and keeping things light. 

“Yeah, I’m Irish-American. I can’t really hide it with my last name.” James smiles and shrugs. 

The waitress has finally shown up to take our orders and I’m glad I’ve been here so many times so I already know what I want. Ethan orders the same, Talia orders her usual, and I feel myself relaxing into the night. This was a good idea.