Spotlight | Sublime Agony by Kora Anderson

1. Sum up this book in 15 words or less!: A relationship between two broken people who strive to survive despite their pasts.
2. Create a soundtrack for this book with at least ten songs that suit the themes and emotions through it?: 
R.I.P To My Youth by The Neighbourhood
Not On Drugs by Tove Lo
LA Devotee by Panic! At the Disco
Machines by Crown the Empire
My Heroine by The Maine 
Twice by Little Dragon
What Kind Of Man by Florence and The Machine 
Doubt by Twenty One Pilots
Emperors New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco
Seven Devils by Florence and The Machine
Girls by The 1975
In The Night by The Weeknd
3. What is your favorite moment in this book?: When Kason and Annalise have sex, and it’s more than the “fucking” that it was before, the two connect.
4. In four sentences or less tell us about the hero and heroine and what makes them attractive characters?: My favourite part about my hero is how he is able to give Annalise what she needs, how he pushes her boundaries, and gets what he wants by knowing her as a person. I love how he’s controlling in the bedroom, and how his control frees Annalise and doesn’t oppress her. My favourite part about my heroine is how no matter what she goes through, she still has a spunky attitude. My heroine is strong, independent, and she doesn’t fall in love at first sight. 
5. What inspired you to want to write this trilogy and not just a solo novel?: There’s no way that I could have written Kason and Annalise’s story in one novel. As a writer, I’m very descriptive, and I couldn’t force myself to condense the story.  I believe that every love story has obstacles, fucked up situations, and whirlwinds, I could not execute that well in a solo novel. 
6. What do you think makes this book stand out?: My novel is different than others because of the back story, the relationship, and the overall way that BDSM plays into their relationship.
7. The first meeting of the hero and heroine is: At Mirage, a high class strip club in the city. 
8. Your hero is pretty intense so he would have an intense playlist to workout to or listen to right? What songs would he have on his playlist?:
Bad Girls by Palisades
Black In Black by AC/DC
You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
Lose Yourself by Eminem 
Capture and Release by Beautiful Bodies 
Consoler of The Lonely by The Raconteurs 
Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback
9. Your heroine has some specific eating habits but the novel never reveals a favorite food or guilty pleasure, care to share?: Candy. Watermelon Sour Patch Kids. 
10. What are you currently working on? Will the next book in the series be released this year?

I’m currently working on Sublime Revival, the second book in the Sublime Trilogy. It will be released this year.

Meet the Author

Kora Anderson grew up in the UK and has always loved books, whether they are Where The Wild Things Are, or, Crime and Punishment. Kora spent her teenage years traveling the world, at an international school. In college, she got a double major in Humanities and English. Kora is currently living in New York City and going to graduate school. 

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Sublime Agony Teaser: I awake to gentle suction against the side of my neck and a warm hand trailing down the side of my body. I slowly blinked my heavy eyelids open. Kason, his bright cerulean eyes staring down at me, as he props himself up on his arms above me. 

"Good morning," he says softly as he coyly slides up my dark t-shirt. His fingers slide down my taunt belly, and my body coils with need. How can he make me so horny? There needs to be a warning on this man, 'Can make women nymphomaniacs.' 

Book Information: I fled from my home to another country—a place where I could have a fresh start. I was attending one of the top universities in the world and pursuing my medical degree. I wasn't proud of what I had to do to during the night to afford my dream, but I had to do what I had to do. My daily life was mundane, I kept to myself and avoided any unnecessary attention. Everything changed when the gorgeous, salacious, mercurial Kason Wright decided that he wanted me. I thought that I could keep my feelings out of our arrangement. I thought I wanted him, but I didn't just want him, I needed him. He gave me what I couldn't give myself. You may think that he took advantage of a broken girl, but it wasn't like that. I willingly gave myself to him and he glued me back together. He unraveled my layers, but in the process he opened the Pandora's box that was my past.