Romance Review | Sublime Agony by Kora Anderson

Overview I fled from my home to another country—a place where I could have a fresh start. I was attending one of the top universities in the world and pursuing my medical degree. I wasn't proud of what I had to do to during the night to afford my dream, but I had to do what I had to do. My daily life was mundane, I kept to myself and avoided any unnecessary attention. Everything changed when the gorgeous, salacious, mercurial Kason Wright decided that he wanted me. I thought that I could keep my feelings out of our arrangement. I thought I wanted him, but I didn't just want him, I needed him. He gave me what I couldn't give myself. You may think that he took advantage of a broken girl, but it wasn't like that. I willingly gave myself to him and he glued me back together. He unraveled my layers, but in the process he opened the Pandora's box that was my past. 

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Publishing Date: December 15, 2015
Stars: 4
My Review:  there needs to be a warning on this man 'Can make women nymphomaniacs' stars. I found the novel to be in the Crossfire realm of rich, dominant, broken male who seeks to have and care for a clearly broken female who strives to be independent and successful. The story isn't a hard one to understand and the reason it works so well is because everyone wants a redeemable hero and a heroine that isn't stupid, absolutely pathetic and innocent. 

Kason Wright is a serial hospitality entrepreneur with hotels, clubs, restaurants and the like under his empire. He's a Yale graduate and took the empire his father left him to expand it and ensure it flourished. The man has more money than he knows what to do with but he's generous in giving to causes he believes in and lives a quite lavish lifestyle. There's imperfections that make Kason human such as his night terrors, his struggle with feelings and his communication issues. Kason does remind me a bit of Jesse Ward along with Gideon Cross. The reason I keep the parallels away from Christian Grey revolves highly around the fact that Kason isn't overly controlling and clearly not mentally unstable. 

Annalise left England to free herself of an abusive situation and to have a chance to pursue a higher degree. She's dedicated, highly intelligent, spunky, emotionally damaged and extremely broken. The problem with broken people is that they know they can survive, not live, but survive. Until Kason, Annalise has survived by throwing herself into her medical studies and working as a stripper when it came time to need money. Medical school at Yale is expensive and Annalise only has herself to rely on. She struggles with her own night terrors and her past. 

Kason and Annalise together come to an "arrangement" of sort that's complete and utter bull shit since it is very clear from the start that Kason wants more than someone to dominate. Kason takes care of Annalise in all ways while Annalise continues to try and really understand her and Kason's 'relationship.' The two have intense sex with very intimate exposure considering Kason requires eye contact. It takes the two some time but eventually they find their way to the girlfriend/boyfriendtrack. They piece each other back together while struggling against outside forces. 

The writing overall was good. I found that I liked how long the novel was because I like a lot of detail and to be held captive in a world for as long as possible before being spit out. There's enough information to allow the reader to form opinions, ask questions and become attached to the characters. As this is the first novel in the trilogy, there's a cliffhanger that compels you to return in order to see what happens next. I know I'm curious to see what move Kason will make.