Romance Review | Shattered Heart by Dorothy F. Shaw

Overview A crush is just a fantasy. The real thing packs some serious heat.

The Donnellys, Book 3

When Cynthia Donnelly lays eyes on her high school crush at her brother’s wedding rehearsal, she regrets her self-imposed, one-year moratorium on dating. If possible, he’s even hotter now than when they were teens.

Back in school, Shane made a point to ignore his best friend’s cute, sassy little sister. Now that she’s grown into an incredibly sexy woman full of Irish spunk, resisting her is out of the question. Besides, in his book, all “hands-off” rules have expired.

One sizzling night together should have been enough. Instead, the heat rises, tempting Cyn to take a chance on a long-distance relationship and making Shane consider pulling up stakes and moving back to L.A.

Cyn’s recently dumped ex, however, has other ideas. His quest to get her back escalates into violence, shattering Cyn’s faith in herself, and in anyone else of the male persuasion, and leaving Shane with his work cut out for him to repair the damage—or lose his shot at a once-in-a-lifetime love.

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Publishing Date: January 19, 2015
Stars: 5
My Review:  you'll be the death of me stars. As always, Dorothy F. Shaw's writing sucks you right into the story by painting you into the very world you're reading about. Unlike the second book in the series, Defensive Heart, Shattered Heart doesn't make you ridiculously angry with the female lead. There's moments where you need to fan yourself because the sex and Shane are just that hot. Then there's moments when you want to ring Cynthia's neck for being so stupid.  Still further, there's moments when you can't help but laugh at the interaction between both Shane and Cynthia. 

Shane is, well, he's that hot thing on the cover of the book. Shane's an ex-Marine living in Dallas but is back in California visiting. He's just in time for Ryan and Maiya's wedding, the couple book one focuses on, and as the best friend of the oldest Donnelly son Joey, Shane is invited. He finds himself panting after his best friend's younger sister. He tries to deny himself the pleasure of her because she's off-limits. Funny thing is Joey gives Shane the green light. 

As a business owner, Cynthia is strong, independent, in control and very confident. She's kind of what one would call a modern woman. Cynthia caught her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend cheating on her and that is why she's sworn she would be single and celibate for a year. Poor Cynthia didn't realize Shane was back in town and that he was just as hot for her as she was for him. She didn't stand a chance seeing as the moment he was in her space, kissing her, she forgot her own name. 

Cynthia puts her and Shane on a timeline since she knows he will be returning to Dallas, away from her and back to his own life. Realizing they only have a set time, she can't help but soak up everything she can from him, even when she's giving him her heart along with her body. After what I like to call "the incident," Shane chooses to extend his stay indefinitely which causes Cynthia to only continue to spiral out of control. She pushes her family and him away while struggling with coming to terms with "the incident" and its lingering affects on her. 

After realizing what she needs to do, Cynthia gets her act together. The hardest part is getting to Shane. When she finally wakes up, he's already headed to Dallas. What do you do when the love of your life heads to Dallas, Texas? Well, you get your happy ass on a plane and head there yourself. After some pushing from one of her sister's and newest sister-in-law, Cynthia shows up at Shane's doorstep. The two say what they need to say in a way only they can understand, through their bodies, and finally talk. The happily ever after neither one was too sure of became a reality and leaves the reader satisfied, content, and emotionally spent in the best of ways.