Romance Review | No Obligation Required by Kelly Jamieson

Overview: To err is human, to forgive is against his policy.

Bailey Harris is eager to move up at Huxworth Packard. Her mentor advises her to network more after hours. But that means she’ll have to reveal the reason she rushes out of the office at five o’clock on the dot—and it’s not for happy hour Cosmos.

On the other hand, more office time means more opportunities to feast her eyes on the firm’s executive creative director, the gorgeous, brilliant Mason Ward.

Mason sure has noticed the sweet, sexy media girl, but with a past that left his heart an echo chamber, his focus is on work. The occasional itch he scratches with meaningless, emotionless hook-ups. Though he’s determined to keep his hands off Bailey, he can’t resist when she makes it very clear she wants his hands on. 

They’re on the same sexy page about their relationship—Bailey doesn’t have the time, and Mason doesn’t have the heart. But when meaningless sex suddenly becomes very meaningful, they find themselves in dangerous emotional waters.

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Publishing Date: January 5, 2016
Stars: 4
My Review: look at me like that and you might end up on your back on this table giving everyone else here a show they didn't expectstars. I remember Mason from Limited Time Offer, the first book in this series, and was thrilled to see he got his own story. Mason and Bailey were doomed from the start because there was no such thing as just sex for them. I really don't remember Bailey from the first book but I'm glad to really see her in full form in this one. 

Bailey is wise beyond her years because she's had to grow up fast with taking in her younger sister and becoming a parent. She works hard at the agency and always races out of the office in order to pick her sister up and be there for her. Bailey is private, mature, sweet, compassionate, bright and just lovely. I found I really liked her and liked her even more when she was near or with Mason. 

Mason is the grounded upper level executive from the first book that is attractive, charming, and just a bit standoffish. Mason plays a part while at work, he's good at what he does, but has a loneliness inside of him that Bailey can recognize. When Mason's story comes to light my heart broke for him. He's such a good man and just needed the right woman to show him that he deserved more than the hollow feeling he drowned in once work hours ended. 

They say to keep work and play separate, but life is not always that simple. Look at Sloane and Levi from the first book, they work together and are in love. Sometimes you have to be willing to take the leap of faith in order to be happy which is where Mason and Bailey find themselves for the last half of the novel. They struggle to come to terms with what they thought they wanted, the feelings they have, and dealing with moving forward. Kelly Jamieson is an incredibly talented writer who easily manipulates the scheme of her fake world to hold you captive.