Review | Piper Dreams it by Amelie S. Duncan

Overview A New Adult/Contemporary Romance Series. 

College Student Piper Rowe lives, eats and dreams of being a global journalist. 

When her favorite professor tells her she’s not cut from the strong, vibrant fabric needed to be one, she’s floored—her grades are the best, her work is stellar and Prof. Gilmore wants to see passion rather than excellent performance! 

Against all odds, Piper convinces him to give her another chance to prove she has what it takes…but how can she ever know the journey to passion and excellence will lead to the greatest passion and hardest sacrifice she'll ever make in her life? 

This series is not a standalone. All books to be read in order.

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Publishing Date: January 3, 2016
Stars: 5
My Review:  we were quite the tragic pair stars. Amelie Duncan has done it again with another riveting tale that incorporates finding yourself in the most delicious of ways and, of course, heartbreak. With delicate word choice and vivid imagery, Duncan weaves you into the story effortlessly. I spent three hours to read the book from start to finish because I couldn't put it down. It ends with a cliffhanger since it is only the first part in the new series, but the ride is a great one. 

Piper Rowe is an awesome heroine who is hoping to become a global journalist. Her parents, both hippies and activists during their younger years, are no longer together as her father is dead and her mother is re-married to a sleazy wealthy man. Piper keeps her distance and is very independent. She's rather easy to like because you can see the conflict in her. Piper is independent, snarky, bright, clever and vibrant. She never knew what it would feel like to become completely consumed by someone until she allows herself to fall into Brody.

Brody is a brooding, gentle, tender, sweet and mature man. He's a man scorned by an ex-girlfriend who would never see him as enough no matter what he did or how hard he tried. He's taking care of a good friend's fiancé while Cole (the best friend) is off in the Middle East. On the way to complete the journey and bucket list, Brody meets Piper and struggles with his desire to be with her, have her and his duty to Cole. 

The struggle to take care of Seren, to not hurt Piper,  and to indulge in his own desires causes Brody to have mood swings. One minute he's teasing and loving, the next he's standoffish and the next he's losing his temper. He can't stand Piper with anyone else but pushes her away to real her back in. Piper struggles to not get too close while being part of the journey in order to make it as one of the ten global journalism majors. Her good heart is easy to see and her struggle is easy to feel. No one said falling in love was easy, timely or guaranteed to not leave you with a broken heart.