My First Facial Experience

The Info:

Cost: $67 ( Dermalogica Medic Clearing Skin Treatment) but paid $53 with a coupon
Place: Ulta
Length of Time: 60 minutes
Overall Rating (1-10): 8

The Experience:

Honestly, I almost fell asleep because it was super relaxing. I'm not sure if all of the sessions get this or if my person just really liked me but I also got a shoulder and arm massage. You have to take your shirt off and lower your bra straps in order to put a towel on so that nothing gets on your clothes.  There's a few rounds of facial cleansing with hot towels, a final round of a face mask and a steamer used. The steamer is so that your pores stay open and allows the cleansing solutions to penetrate further and is actually not a big issue. You are asked if you want extractions or not, extraction is a fancy word for pimple popping, and you have to pay extra when you have quite a few.

The Aftermath:

My face was lovely but I found myself breaking out. At first, I flipped. I spent money to have my face cleansed, not for it to look worse than when I walked in. After a few minutes of researching about facials I learned it is perfectly normal for that to happen. A facial is basically a face detox which means your skin is purging impurities thus usually leading to pimples and a mild breakout. I also learned you shouldn't clean your within 12 to 24 hours after a facial since, to not put makeup (mascara and lip gloss is fine) and to try to not touch your face.

The Final Thoughts:

It is advised to have a facial, especially if you have "problem skin," every three to six weeks. I made an appointment four weeks from the day I got my facial, the 8th of January. I'll be getting facials once a month and also be trying out microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion helps with cleansing of the face and also healing of acne scars which is good since I have quite a few left over from my Clinique facial freak out. I'm going to continue using Ulta's services because they aren't too overpriced and the woman who handled me is quite lovely, knowledgeable and keen to listening to my skin needs.



  1. Sounds like you really love it! I would love to have a facial too. :)
    Isabella xx