6 Things to Try in 2016

1. Getting a facial- The experience alone is so worth it. If done properly, you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Also, this is really good  for your skin. It can be pricey depending on where you decide to go so make sure you look at the prices and aren't going outside of your budget.

2. Getting your makeup done by a makeup counter - Personally, I've found that Sephora, Smashbox and MAC artists usually do the best jobs because they aren't afraid to walk you through the process, ask for your input and take risks with color. I've found that Benefit, Clinique and Nars usually are a bit safer and natural looking. There's usually a minimum product amount in order to get a makeup session so look at how much it is going to cost you before trying it out but I think it is definitely worth it.

3. Using at home face masks once a week - Since the beginning of this year I've been using an at home face mask to help clean and purify my skin. I use it twice a week but most people don't have the time or drive for that  so I say try once a week. This will help your skin if you suffer from breakouts and is just a nice at home pampering session once  a week. Taking care of yourself is important.

4. Dyeing or cutting your hair - Not everyone is super adventurous when it comes to their hair but it is 2016 and it's time you tried something a little different. If you've always had long hair, try cutting it shoulder length. If you've always kept your hair one length, try getting layers. If you don't really dye your hair, try something out of the box like a few pieces of purple or pink.

5. Signing up for a cooking class - Cooking classes are offered for all different cuisines and at different costs. If you're super skilled to barely being able to boil water, there's a class you can sign up for. It's a new experience, it might show you some cool recipes and it gets you to meet different people.

6. Embracing who you are - This one might sound silly but so many people struggle with accepting themselves. Even if you don't think you are one of these people, I can still probably find something you don't like or accept about yourself which means you need to embrace it. I think since the beginning of this year I've felt better because I've embraced the fact that I'm single, not super thin and a complete firecracker. When you embrace all that makes you you then you'll find it easier to live without caring too much about who likes and who doesn't like you.



  1. Love this! I agree on everything, and the difference an at home mask makes is incredible ;) xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  2. Love this post, Samantha! I should definitely try all those. Thank you for sharing love! Have a great week ahead! :)

  3. I've been so overdue for a haircut now...ughh, I just gotta do it!



  4. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are such nice ideas! I'm going to America in July so maybe I should try a proper Sephora make up counter look haha! :)


  6. I do want to try out a cooking class. I am a good cook but there is nothing wrong with learning something new.