15 Book Boyfriends Better Than Christian Grey

I've seen a lot of lists from book bloggers, buzzfeed and so on about books "better than 50 Shades of Grey" or "books to read after 50 Shades of Grey" so I decided to makeup a book boyfriend list. This list pulls from my extensive reading list of romance novels to bring you 15 fictional men that are most definitely better than Christian Grey.

1. Gideon Cross - Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day is one of the most tragically beautiful and redeemable heroes I think I've ever come into contact with. He's a brilliant mastermind who plays chess with people's lives in order to best protect those he cares about most. He is controlling, demanding, unyielding and downright gorgeous. If you've never read the series, I suggest you block off a weekend and dive right into Bared to You.
2. Ethan Frost - Ethan Frost is one of the most genuine male characters I've ever read. He's a great man who happened to make a mistake in his youth that he ends up regretting when it directly impacts the one woman he falls in love with. Ethan's wealthy, gorgeous, relentless, witty and downright adoring. Tracy Wolff does a great job at creating a character who is so genuinely good that you don't even question whether or not he deserves forgiveness of his error. The first book in the series is called Ruined so I suggest you block off another weekend to get acquainted with Mr. Frost.
3. Gavin Blake - Ah, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome is truly one of the best. Gavin Blake is from Gail McHugh's Collide duo. He's the notorious wealthy playboy, known for huge summer parties at his East Hampton home and going through women like water, but there's something more to him. He's a great guy underneath the mask he wears to everyone around him and the public. He goes out of his way to shield Emily Cooper, the heroine, from hurt and harm. He goes after her even though she's with a good friend of his because he's definitely the better choice and gives her no option but to fall into him. Gavin is charming, adoring, witty, protective and downright sinful. If you're looking for someone to build up a female rather than rip them apart, look no further than Gavin Blake.
4. Sebastian Lock - From Maya Cross's The Alpha Group Trilogy comes Sebastian Lock who is more than he seems. Sebastian is secretive, kinky, sexy and so redeemable it almost hurts. If you've noticed a trend of loving redeemable male characters, good on you! I'm a sucker and while most don't like this series, I found I rather enjoyed it and Sebastian was definitely the reason. Start Sebastian and Sophia's story with Locked by Maya Cross. You might need to block off yet another weekend.
5. Jesse Ward - Jodi Ellen Malpas takes the rich, redeemable, kinky and sexy playboy line and spins it a bit different in her This Man Trilogy which gives us Jesse Ward. Jesse is possessive, commanding, needy and so redeemable I promise you it hurts. The way he is, the life he leads and the things he does will keep you on your toes and constantly rip you apart because you won't know whether to love him or hate him. Jesse is complicated and that in and of itself is what makes him a great male character, his complete and utter human makeup. Bad decisions don't make a bad person and good decisions don't make a good person which is exactly what Jesse Ward hammers home. I'd block off a weekend or a few days before starting This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas.
6. Miller Hart - Yet another of Jodi Ellen Malpas's redeemable heroes, Miller Hart spins you around in circles until you're sure you don't know up from down in the One Night Trilogy. Much like Jesse Ward, Miller makes you love him and hate him. He's not all that he seems and that is just the beginning of the problems. Miller has a problem sheet a mile long but a heart of gold and a sheet of pluses two miles long. Miller keeps you guessing with his secrecy and will win you over with his undeniable charm, manners and love of keeping things neat. Once again, you're going to need a few days to get lost in Miller Hart so block some off before starting One Night Promised.
7. Jackson Steele - Julie Kenner began writing as J. Kenner and introduced readers to the Stark world with Damien Stark in Release Me. She decided she wasn't quite done with that world after three books and a few novellas surrounding Damien Stark and so decided she was going to write Jackson Steele's story. Jackson is wickedly intoxicating from his brilliant architectural mind to his ability to fight and incredible stamina in bed. Jackson is loyal, loving, demanding, commanding and just so overwhelmingly redeemable that it is impossible to not love him. Jackson Steele will steal a very piece of your soul in his trilogy so I suggest having a few days of nothing to do before starting Say My Name.
8. David Dylan - Continuing with my love of creative men, David Dylan comes from Jessica Hawkins's Cityscape Trilogy. David sees through the facade Olivia keeps around her in her "perfectly normal" life to the woman who is bored and craving passion. She's married, not to a jerk but to someone who I would categorize as safe. When David and Olivia meet, they can't help but be compelled towards one another. In the trilogy you truly learn that David is a passionate, genuine and adoring man who pays attention to the smallest of details. I dare you to not fall in love with David for he is everything you could ever desire in a partner. Once again, since it is a trilogy, you're going to want to clear your schedule before starting Come Undone.
9. Damien Wales - Damien Wales from the Trust Trilogy takes on the 50 Shades of Grey story line of a filthy rich, gorgeous and controlling man but makes him redeemable, likable and not crazy. Damien is like a bulldozer of sorts but that is alright because he's genuine, honest (mostly) and tender. He doesn't hold back when it comes to caring for those he deems worth it and is more than willing to work his ass off for what he wants. The first two stories in the trilogy belong to Damien while the last one focuses on his love interest's best friend. I couldn't help but like Damien so have some time to read before starting Trust Me.
10. Prince Alexander of Cambridge- Royal bad boy and deliciously wicked Prince Alexander comes from Geneva Lee's the Royals Saga and is introduced in Command Me. Alexander is scared from his personal losses and the constant media attention that surrounds his life. He likes control in his relationships and in the bedroom because his own life is so far out of his control it drives him mad. He's next in line for the throne and he never has a chance to forget it. He's sexy, demanding, commanding, endearing, ruthless, honest and so very charming it should be illegal. I like Alexander from the first moment he appeared and loved him in the final moments of his and Clara's story. There are three books to read so I suggest blocking some time off yet again before starting!
11. Trent Andrews - Trent Andrews, co-owner of Second Circle Tattoos, comes along in Scarlett Cole's Strongest Steel which is the first book in the Second Circle Tattoos series. Trent is a tattoo artist with the patience of a saint and a heart of gold. He takes his time to coax the young woman who asked him out on a date to opening up to him. Trent is a bit of a roasted marshmallow in that his exterior is rough and tough but his inside is soft and gooey. He's protective, passionate, honest and genuine. This book is a standalone so I suggest just a couple of hours to full into the story!
12. Alec Chambers -Alec is witty, wickedly sexy, confident, charming, disarming, sweet, and vulnerable and comes from Riley Edgewood's Truth and Temptation. He's the CEO's son which means he leads a life of luxury but that doesn't mean he's an ungrateful, spoiled rich kid. Alec is one of the most down-to-earth fictional characters I've ever read and he'll steal your heart and soul, I promise. 
13. Shane Conlon - Shane Conlon has one of the most wicked mouth's ever and I love it! He comes from Dorothy F. Shaw's Shattered Heart which is the third book in The Donnelly's series that can be read as a standalone. Shane is an ex-marine so he's the total alpha male which is so hot. Not only is Shane an alpha male, he's also a genuinely awesome man. He's loyal, sweet, caring, tender, honest and down right adoring. Shane is the ultimate package and that is why he made the list.
14. Drew Baylor - If you love athletes you're going to absolutely fall in love with Drew Baylor. He's the star quarter back destined for the NFL. He is gorgeous, confident, loyal and sweet. Drew doesn't want all the girls who throw themselves at him, he's a one woman kind of guy. He makes you love him and fall in love with his passion, his conviction and his determination. Drew Baylor is a gift from Kristen Callihan's The Hook Up.
15. Gray Grayson - Gray Grayson is sexy, charming, sweet, brilliant and one hell of a tight-end. Just like his best friend Drew Baylor, Gray is destined to play for the NFL. He completely shatters the jock stereotype for being stupid considering he's juggling a double major and is quite the geek. Gray will crawl under your skin and find his way to your heart before you realize what is happening. He does victory dances and loves whole heartedly. In The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan, you get Gray's story and I can promise you won't know what hit you. Gray's my favorite athletic character by far.