Dating Apps: Bumble

About two weeks ago I downloaded Bumble and decided to see what happens. I found that while it is constructed like Tinder in the swipe left or swipe right, when a connection is made the female is the one who has to make the first move. That's right, this app is trying to give "females the power" and I found it interesting. Also, if you don't send a message to your match within 24 hours it disappears. My experience was interesting to say the least.

My Profile: My "about me" section reads "24 creative PR/Advertising girl. I am snarky, sarcastic, opinionated, and bossy. I do brunch on the weekends and it is almost always somewhere in the West Village or SoHo. Work Hard, play hard, and drive fast." I show my age (24), occupation (freelance publicist), and have three photos. My "profile" photo is below.

The Good: Since I'm in the NYC area, loads of people to choose from. It was interesting to see how many guys I was able to scroll through within the age constraints of 24 and 29. The ability to "unmatch" is absolutely incredible and quite useful should someone freak you out or if you just aren't "feeling" it. The push to make the first move within 24 hours is actually a good thing but a lot of people need that time crunch.

The Bad: It is a lot like Tinder where it seems it is more of a hookup place rather than actually trying to meet and date people. It is a better version of Tinder but still in that regard. A lot of times matches won't respond to a pleasantry message which makes you confused as to why they matched you anyway. Keep in mind that in order to be "matched" you both have to have had swiped right. If you find me appealing, why not have a conversation?

Interesting Notes: A decent portion of the guys I found on the app were in stereotypical socially awkward positions such as financial analyst, business analyst, engineer, and technician. I found that to be telling because even while being attraction, most were lovely to look at, they turned to an app because they probably struggle in their people skills. Those that are like me, a natural extrovert, don't realize how easy we actually have it. Another decent portion of the guys were creatives like marketers, advertisers, graphic designers, and musicians. While these disciplines don't typically have socially awkward people in them, the thought I have is the lack of time to "meet" people. So, there are people from many walks of life, career paths, and education levels on this particular dating app. I found that to be fascinating and telling of where our society is currently.

The Funny: I swear to you, some people really just are out there. Let's start with picking apart the "about me" sections and photo selections. There was a guy that had three photos all with a rubber chicken.  There was another guy who had a photo with Cookie Monster. For the "about me" sections there was someone who had just "I'm into anal" and another who had "I'm into threesomes."  I kid you not, these people really did this on their dating profile. I just laughed at all of these people because I couldn't help myself.

The last memorable moment to make me laugh involved a conversation exchange between a "match" and myself. He was 25, a Stanford graduate, and a financial analyst. In short, he is smart and at least somewhat accomplished for 25. After the pleasantries were exchanged he writes, "Tell me a secret." Who the hell writes that? That's like asking someone to tell you what they are wearing. Honestly? That made me laugh at how award, creepy, and weird it was. It was so misplaced and it shows he's either socially inept or creepy which is a no for me.