20 Things to Embrace in Your 20s

I've compiled a list of things I think everyone, regardless if you're male/female/or something else, should embrace during their 20s. I think all of these are pretty easy to do and most of us probably take it and accept it but don't embrace it. Remember that the years between 20 and 29 are meant to allow you to grow as a person, to really focus on your career, and to be enjoyed because life passes by way too fast!

1. Being able to party all night and go to work the next day. - Seriously, enjoy this because it becomes increasingly harder to do as you get older. Do it while you can!
2. College and Graduate School. - As you get older, once you enter your 30s, graduate school isn't something you really want to think about so knock it out in your 20s, if possible. Also, enjoy the undergraduate experience because you won't ever have that time in your life again.
3. Dating. - Dating in your 20s is so different than dating in your 30s, so embrace it. There's less stress so you can enjoy slipping through many different people if that's what you want. In your 30s there tends to be the stress of being the only single one while others are married with children and dating becomes awkward, even.

4. Job hopping. - In the early years of your career it is considered smart to job hop every so many years to different companies, positions, and industries as it makes you a more well-rounded employee and shows you are versatile. Every year and a half to two years you should be thinking of moving your position whether that is to another part of the company, another team, or another company all together. Once you're in your 30s and 40s it becomes much harder to do this.
5. Being single. - Being in a relationship is great but also being single, young, and free is a great combination. You can take the time to really learn what makes you tick without concentrating on another person's needs. It is best to know yourself from a young age rather than trying to figure out yourself at 45.
6. Making mistakes. - Mistakes are things no person wants to make but the perfect time to make those mistakes is why you are young enough to bounce back from them. No one is going to slaughter you at 25  for making a "rookie" mistake knowing you are still young in the field. Do that same mistake when you are 40 and you're out on your ass. Learn from all your mistakes and grow from them because they will lead to a healthier you.
7. Living in a different state/country from home and/or college. - Not everyone moves around for college or even as I child, my siblings and I have lived between two and three different states by the time we were 18, and that's okay. In your 20s and "university years" is probably the best time to uproot yourself and try a "new" place. When you're older and the bills, responsibilities, and roots are tying you to one state or area, it is much harder to move. Take the chance when you're younger and you'll not regret it.
8. Traveling. - Haven't been to France, Spain, the Bahamas? Take some time to travel. If you're parents aren't struggling, ask for a small trip outside of your own nation as a graduation gift or save up to do it yourself. Take vacation time! As a born and bred American, I'm all about the almighty dollar, but I realize how important vacation time is. Save and take a vacation somewhere you want to go or consider working at a different office your company has. Many companies have offices in England, Spain, Portugal, Japan, and so on so research and see how you can be sent for a time to work in one of them.

9. Alone time. - So many people are terrified of being alone and that's really bad. Sometimes a person needs to be alone to decompress or whatever so embrace the time you have to yourself. If you want children, your alone time literally vanishes so enjoy it now.
10. Time with your family. - As you get older so do your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and siblings. Enjoy the time you have with these people because no one is around forever and we end up regretting the time we didn't get to spend with the people who pass away.
11. Sleeping in. - In undergraduate school specifically, you can sleep your bottom off if you schedule your classes for late mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Enjoy that because when you work 7-3, 9-5, 8:30-6:30 and so on, your ability to sleep in only happens on the weekend if you aren't running early errands or busy doing other social things.

12. Binge watching shows on Netflix. - You tend to have more time when you are younger so ENJOY BINGE WATCHING ON NETFLIX! During holiday breaks I tend to binge watch shows, binge read, and sleep my body away because while I work, I also have a lot of free time. Enjoy it because free time becomes sparse the older you get.
13. Change. - A lot of people view change as a very bad thing. Embrace that when you are young because it will make your life easier. Honestly, if you learn to roll with the punches and take change in stride, in your 30s and 40s and 50s things will not directly impact you as much as those who are completely against change. You'll always be able to survive and thrive.
15. People letting you down. - This is another thing you need to embrace, learn from, and accept in order to make your later years easier. People will always let you down because people are not perfect. Let me repeat this, people are not perfect. If you can learn to forgive, not necessarily forget, move forward, and not hold things against others then you will have an easier life. Having said that, there are things you are allowed to not forgive and not move past, it is up to you to decide what is worth it and what is not.
16. Breakups. - No one likes breakups because it means change, it means no more routine, and it means having to start from ground zero yet again. The only time you want a break up is when you're being set free something you have no emotional attachment to or when you've found someone else. Even if the breakup hurts, embrace it because the emotions you're feeling let you know the relationship to you was important and real. Also take a step back and see what led to the breakup. A lot of times there are warning signs we like to ignore in order to stay in our happy bubble.

17. Expensive lingerie. - If you're a female, embrace the expensive lingerie! Want to know why? When you wear a sexy little number under your work dress, you feel empowered. It doesn't matter that no on but you knows what you're wearing underneath your clothes, the confidence still rises. It is like when you wear an awesome outfit or pair of shoes, you feel better about yourself which leads to a rise in confidence. Take my word for it and try out the expensive lingerie.
18. Time with friends. - Friends will come and go because we tend to mistake mildly adjusted acquaintances as friends but that is okay. Everyone has a few long-term friends and a lot of people that roll in and out of their lives. Embrace the time you have with these people because it is always nice to go out with others rather than yourself. Once again, as you get older and people pair off and have kids, this time begins to disappear.
19. Climbing the corporate latter. - I mentioned earlier about job hopping to make yourself more valuable, during your 20s is when you really begin to climb the "ladder." Do you ultimately want to be senator or a vice president? You begin that climb in your 20s. You work harder than others, you take every opportunity to go the extra mile, and you move up in rank as fast as possible. Be ambitious, be assertive, and be a "bitch" because all that means is you're "acting like man" and that's okay because you're a leader, a hard worker, and one efficient employee.
20. Sex. - I love sex. I mean, I really enjoy all the aspects of sex. It isn't just physical but also emotional and mental. In your 20s is when you should be experimenting, figuring out what you really enjoy and who you don't enjoy. By no means am I telling you to go out and have sex with over 100 people. I don't want to ever encourage you becoming a sex maniac because I always have the fear of someone getting a STI. I am encouraging the exploration of your own sexuality and what appeals to you and what does not.



  1. Brilliant post, I loved reading this!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  2. Love this post Sam!! Might have to go out and buy myself some expensive lingerie :)