Romance Review | The Devil's Playground by Eliza Freed

OverviewFormer U.S. Attorney, Meredith Walsh, took some time off to raise her children. But the time took away everything she once trusted about herself. She’s lost within the mundane confines of her children's schedules of lacrosse, soccer, Cub Scouts, and math facts. Desperate for a sliver of her former passion, and isolated in the small town her corporate husband relocated her to, she counsels herself on risking her family for the rush of a fling.

But Vincent Pratt, the local chief of police, weakens Meredith’s abhorrence of affairs and her dedication to her family. With him, she finds a new version of herself, one capable of contributing in her new world, and thriving in her lonely home. In spite of the fact, she’s not the kind of woman who has an affair.

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Publishing Date: November 10, 2015
Stars: 4.5
My Review: 4.5 absolutely heart shattering and painful stars! For those that believe there's never a reason to cheat, this novel blows that notion to bits with talented writing and a gripping story line. It is easy to understand how lines become blurred and how lonely hearts wander and seek out companionship and tenderness. Meredith and Vincent are easy to like and relate to even. 

Meredith was once a high-powered attorney until she was forced to become a stay-at-home mother. Her life consists of handling everyone's needs at the cost of burying her own. She doesn't have anyone to really talk with about her desires, needs, and wants since her husband is essentially just a monetary provider. He expects her to raise the children, manage the household, and give in to his physical needs without actually giving any support to Meredith besides money. 

Vincent is the chief of police for the small town where he and Meredith reside. He always knew he wanted to be on the force and never gave much thought to his love life so he married his high school girlfriend. His daughter is the same age as Meredith's. He never thought to stray from his dull marriage until meeting Meredith.

The two meet due to the field trip both offered to chaperon for. They feel a zing of awareness which manifests inside them as lust. They are both seeking more out of their marriages to which they end up finding in each other. Vincent specifically gives Meredith the validation she seeks by asking about her day, her desires, and giving her what he can to satisfy her emotionally, mentally, and physically. He validates her existence with a job at the police office to get her out of the house and use her brain. He gives her his ear and satisfies her sexual desires. 

While I don't condone cheating, this novel really opened my eyes to understand. Granted, there's jackasses out there that just think they can do whatever they want and cheat but that isn't what happens in this novel. This story makes you really understand the reasons, how they tried to fight it, and how they ended up giving. The story completely hooked me and I look forward to reading the second book.