Romance Review | Denial by Lisa Renee Jones

OverviewElla Ferguson awakes alone in Italy, unsure of who she is, and a gorgeous man has claimed her as his own. He’s tall, dark, and sexy, with money and power, the kind of man who makes a girl want to be possessed. And he does possess her, whispering wicked wonderful promises to her, stealing her trust and her heart. Soon though, the past finds her, yanking her from a cocoon of passion and safety. Everything is not how it seems. The truth will shatter her world, but it can set her free, if it doesn't destroy her first.

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Publishing Date: November 24, 2015
Stars: 4.5
My Review: 4.5 deceptively deep and intriguingly awesome stars! I think Lisa Renee Jones is the queen of confusing yet fascinatingly sexy story lines and is probably the reason I enjoy reading her books so much. This book has many different elements that all come together to throw you up, down, left, right, and up again. The cliffhanger leaves you wanting more and desperately trying to gather your scattered wits. 

Kayden is the beautiful man Ella first sees when she opens her eyes in a hospital room with no memory of who she is or how she got to the hospital. Her mind must be shutting out something quite horrible for her to not remember that she is in a foreign country and doesn't speak the language. Ella is able to remember random bits and scenes from her life while Kayden takes care of her. Things get more and more confusing, especially at the end of this book. 

Kayden is a sexy man shrouded in mystery and darkness. While he seems to be Ella's savior, there are things that don't quite make sense. For one, Kayden is known as the type of man who just doesn't help another person without some type of gain on his part. Another concerning issue involves the fact that Kayden has photos of the exact necklace Ella talks about in his files. 

The sex is hot and delicious. Kayden is a complicated mess of gorgeous man, my favorite kind, while Ella is struggling to find herself. The tug between Ella and Kayden is intriguing yet disturbing because at every turn it appears Kayden could actually be someone not good for Ella. I was wrapped up in the novel's world from the first chapter and loved it. I can't wait for the next book!