My "Basic" Makeup Routine

Since I know there's several dozen people who read my posts that are more like me in the makeup minimalist category I've decided to give a tutorial on how I do my makeup this fall. Remember that makeup should never be used to make your face but rather to enhance what you already have. Personally, I find it ridiculous when people spend 45 minutes on their "face" and come out looking like a completely different person. It is like false advertising to me.

Step 1: Wash The Face

Step Two: Dry The Face

Step Three: Apply Foundation Primer

I use Smashbox's More Than Primer - Blemish Control (if you don't have acne prone skin you can use other Smashbox primers or ones by other companies)

Step Four: Apply Spot Concealer on Troublesome Spots

I use Smashbox's High Definition Concealer (you can use whatever concealer you like but this is the one I found works well for my skin)

Step Five: Apply Foundation (or BB/CC Cream)

I use Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation (I have found with my breakouts getting worse I need something more like this)

Step Six: Apply Eyeshadow (this is optional and depends on my mood) & Blend it

I've been use the three separate palettes from Too Faced's Le Grand Chateau 

Step Seven: Apply One or Two Coats of Mascara

I tend to wear mascara more often than not and have been using Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara

Step Eight: Apply Lip Gloss (or lip balm, lip lacquer, lipstick, or whatever you tend to use, note this is optional, too)



  1. I've got the Toofaced Better Than Sex mascara on my christmas list!
    Charlotte //

  2. Love the post thank you for sharing, and I absolute love the smash box primer, it is a brilliant all round primer.