Eating Out in NYC | Brunch Options

I figured it was time to share some of my favorite places in the lower parts of Manhattan to have brunch. I tease all of you on Instagram when I'm eating out with photos of the delicious food and wonderful drinks and I swear they all taste as awesome as they look. Below is a list of my top six favorite places to have brunch!

1. Sarabeth's (Tribeca)
2. The Cupping Room Cafe (SoHo)
3. Phillip Marie (West Village)
4. Essex (Lower East Side)
5.The Smith (East Village)
6. The Park (Chelsea)




  1. Oh-eM-Gee! Whoa! Delicious is an understatement - the food looks divine.
    I love food and restaurants and I love this post.
    I read through a few of your older (food) posts and they are really interesting Sam.