10 Struggles of Being Single

1. "Holidays" like Valentine's Day rub in your face that you don't have a "significant other" as if you needed that reminder.
2. Your parents tell you they are "concerned" that you aren't in a relationship.
3. Your parents, friends, and even co-workers try to set you up as if you aren't capable of finding someone on your own.
4. The lack of meaningful and tender sex because one night stands and casual hookups are all about "scratching the itch" and that is it.
5. Sometimes feeling like you're doing something wrong when all these people around you are in relationships and you're the single one all "alone."
6. People tell you being single is okay but that being single for "too long" is a problem because people totally need to tell you how to run your life.
7. The envious feeling that claws at your chest when you see a sickening in love couple in passing reminds you that you are indeed single and maybe only have your dog or cat at home waiting to love you.
8. Having people in your life tell you that your standards are ridiculously high and need to be lowered, repeatedly.
9. You cuddle your pillows because you don't have anyone to cuddle with.
10. Having to ask friends and siblings to be your plus one to parties and events because the plus one in your life doesn't exactly exist.