Romance Review | Hard to Break by Bella Jewel

OverviewQuinn has spent her whole life working in her dad's garage, leaving her more comfortable with a carburetor than a curling iron. Her world is turned upside down when her beloved garage is bought by none other than world famous, sexy as sin, custom car builder, Tazen Watts. He's the one man she can't stand...even though he makes her hotter than a high performance engine in top gear.
Tazen has no use for Quinn, at least not professionally, and he's making sure she knows it. But there's a spark between them that she's finding hard to ignore. She's determined to prove her talent is as impressive as her sassy mouth. When she finds out Tazen is hiding a secret that could bring down his career and everyone involved in it, she wonders: is falling for him is going to be work the risk?

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Publishing Date: October 13, 2015
Stars: 5
My Review: 5 wickedly hot and tempting stars. Quinn and Tazen made me burn all the way through the novel. When they were good they were so good they made things set on fire. When they were bad they were so bad they could blow up buildings from their explosive arguing and Quinn's no bull shit attitude. The two were well suited for one another, understood each other's passions, and gave the other what they desperately needed. 

Quinn is possibly one of my favorite female characters ever. She's a grease monkey in a women's curvy body. She's a fantastic mechanic and knows cars better than any guy on this planet. She is smart, sarcastic, crass, crude, blunt, and funny. She's loyal to those she deems worthy and loves with everything she has. It was easy to like her.

Tazen is a bit of pig at first but I can't blame him when he's use to everyone throwing themselves at him for a chance with him. He's pretty famous due to his custom car business and he's damn good with cars. Tazen is all male in his way of thinking a woman could never do a "man's job" but is smart, compassionate, sweet, and even a bit fun. I found I liked him even when he was being a bit of an ass. 

Together I found they both deserved each other. Sometimes that doesn't happen because you either strongly dislike the male character or female character because it was hard to really understand them. With this novel it was easy to really get the characters and roll your eyes at some of the things they did but still like them all the same. It was also really easy to see the two were better together than they were apart. This is a good read for someone who wants a couple that really open each other's eyes, fight just as passionately as they love, and a heroine who can play with the big boys.