Mixed Chicks Products

I'm always testing out different hair care lines because my hair is important to me. I also like having a variety to choose from because sometimes my hair gets use to products and stops responding. This time I decided to try shampoo and conditioner by Mixed Chicks. I've heard good things about them so I figured why not.


Gentle Clarifying Shampoo ( $11.99 for 10 oz/ 300 ml)

Detangling Deep Conditioner ( $10.99 for 8 oz/236 ml)

I have to admit that I found myself loving the shampoo and deep conditioner. I've been using both faithfully for the past month and my hair responds well to them. I like the texture of both products, the smell, and my hair's response. My hair is more on the tame side, not fussy like it can be, and doesn't feel as dry as it has been due to my dying. I'd recommend this product line for people who have hair similar to mine, you don't necessarily have to be "mixed." For anyone who has classic curly hair, not tight and/or kinky curls, I think this would work well. The prices aren't terrible for the size of the items and, depending upon how long your hair is and how often you wash it, they can you at least a month.



  1. Hey, great post! I may have to try a new shampoo as my hair always feels a lot like plastic (which is a strange description for hair!)


  2. Greetings,

    Mixed Chicks will be launching a new blogging series called the Your Hair Story Series and we would love to feature you.The series will explore the story behind your curls/hair texture and allow our customers/reviewers to give us new insight on themselves and how the Mixed Chicks products have impacted them. If you are interested in more information please feel free to follow up at yourcurlstoryseries@gmail.com for further instructions.

    Desiree Johnson