4 Shows on Netflix with Strong Women Main Characters

1. Charmed - An older show that began in 1998 and ran through 2006. This show is centered around three sisters who happen to be powerful witches and only come into this knowledge after their grandmother's death. The original three sisters bond over their new powers and the fact that they are really all the family they have left and go forward. Each has a different personality but are strong within their own right. The oldest is the leader. Prue is structured and keeps calm even when things begin to fall apart feeling that she has to be in charge and keep everyone safe. Piper is the middle sister who is the nurturer and tends to be stuck in the middle between both Prue and Phoebe. Phoebe is the one who takes the longest to come into herself as she is the youngest and really grows over the show into an incredible women. This show eventually changes things around when a death happens to one of the sisters but all of them are pretty kick ass. This is a show showing how love, family, and being a female are not weaknesses but some of the greatest strengths in the world. This show is really empowering towards females and I loved all the seasons.

2. Reign - While this show has strong lead male characters and is set in a time when females are nothing more than pretty faces, ways to make alliances, and baby makers, there is a circle of women that are strong. Queen Mary of Scotland and her ladies in waiting all possess clever minds, beautiful faces, and the knowledge of how to have power even in a society where women are viewed as nothing. Queen Mary makes executive decisions for her country and works as a partner along side her husband rather than as a puppet queen. This story line moves all over the place but it should be fair to remember how young these characters are. Mary, Francis, Bash, and the main inner circle are around only 18 years of age and yet are expected to run countries and make important decisions that could make or break their lives. The show allows for growth of the females characters and does quite a bit to draw attention to how powerful the women could be when they needed to be, even in a man's world.

3. Scandal - Ah, Olivia Pope is a force to be reckoned with. She's clever, crafty, in control, and just soft hearted enough to be liked. What I love most is how Olivia is a women of color who is educated, in a powerful position, and in a relationship with a man that is not of the same racial background. This show covers so many topics including how the public expects perfection from public figures even if they are people just like them. The main character alone is a powerful women that men and women alike come to in order to have problems solved. This show is very empowering for women and even more so for minorities that still live in fear of becoming a statistic.

4. Gossip Girl - While Blair, Serena, and Jenny may not always have done the right thing in the situations that they were in but they were all cunning, devious, and powerful. Blair and Serena specifically took control of issues and didn't expect to always be saved by men but saved themselves or went to one another. Blair was literally Queen Bitch and didn't care what anyone thought of that because she was herself and damn anyone who didn't like her. Serena was more on the sweet side but definitely shows through the series how devious she can be. Jenny began sweet and eventually elevated to the same level as Blair. These females were in a world of power, money, lies, and sex and still managed to always come out on top.



  1. I love this post! Blair is my favourite character in Gossip Girl, she's just so sassy and powerful x


    1. Yay! I'm glad you loved it! I think I'm a bit like Blair but then more like Olivia Pope. I love all these shows and figured it was a good idea to share them since they have awesome women characters! :)