The Reality of Adulting

Being an adult, adulting as I like to call it, is something we view as a massive change when we are teenagers and children. We tend to think people just "grow up" one day and stop listening to music they did as teenagers, stop dressing like they did in college, actually like being awake in the morning, and suddenly know the meaning of life. I'm here to tell you that is actually the farthest thing from the truth as you can get. As a twenty-four year old "adult" I find myself still not knowing the meaning of life, still very much hating being awake before 9:30 am, and love very similar music to what I did in high school.

The reality of adulting can be summed up in the following list.

1. You don't wake up one day and suddenly know what it means to be an adult outside of no longer attending classes (should you not purse a masters degree or further), having lots of bills, and feeling the pressure to have a "real" job.

2. Most times you will still be looked at as a teenager or so until you are 30 or beyond depending upon how young your face looks.

3. You can totally still wear ripped jeans, crop tops, and anything "young" people wear because you aren't dead or 50+.

4. You don't suddenly develop a liking for wine. Wine is either something you like or don't and it doesn't happen overnight, most times it is an acquired taste.

5. It is still acceptable to love GIFs and use them to describe moods, especially when tweeting them out.

6. You are not expected to stop loving One Direction. Hell, I know women over 40 who still adore the young heartthrobs so don't think you have to give them up.

7. It is perfectly acceptable to still wear undergraduate memorabilia such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweats. Most adults are proud of where they received their degrees from and so wear the items.

8. Hookups are still acceptable and very real. Actually, in Manhattan alone the hookup culture is kind of out of control. The average person under 30 in Manhattan is not in a serious relationship.

9. Sex doesn't get boring! Well, let me rephrase that, unless your partner is boring the sex doesn't magically stop being amazing.

10. Having a sports car is perfectly okay, if that is something you can afford. Being older than 21 doesn't mean you've reached 90 so live a little.

11. If you've never been a morning person you just don't majestically become one when you "become an adult" so you'll still feel like dying at 6 am.

12. Dying your hair is still acceptable and pink or teal are still fun to try!

13. You don't magically learn what fork to use at the five star restaurant you are eating at.

14. If you've never liked duck, goat, or lamb it doesn't become something you love when you turn 24.

15. Marriage and kids may not be something you feel comfortable with until you're 35 or older and that's okay.

16. If you don't rack up speeding tickets and moving violations your car insurance will significantly degree at the age of 23 when you're a female and 25 when you're a male.

17. You are addicted to electronics and social media? Yeah, being an adult doesn't make that go away.