5 Tips for Staying Organized

I'm an organized disorganized person, if that makes any sense. I have moments of Type A where I like things completely structured but don't mind leaving my stuff strewn across my room. In my work and school life I have to be really meticulous which leads me to usually being pretty organized. Sharing my ways to be organized, even if you aren't naturally, is what this post is all about.

1. Use your phone calendar! - We live in the age of the smart phone so I'm thinking all of you reading this post have one. You realize your phone has a calendar that syncs with your email, correct? Ensure that calendar is up to date with projects, homework, social events, and so on to ensure you don't forget anything and don't overbook yourself. I have my calendar for work synced on my iPad since the mom uses iCalendar and I always have my iPad with me. For personal use, I have my calendar synced with my email and it is shared between all my devices including my iPad.

2. Use a paper/dry erase board calendar! - While I don't anymore, for the year or so that I was a nanny I used a dry erase board calendar to physically be reminded of my schedule on top of having it on my phone because I would forget to check my phone. Sometimes we need to physically see something in front of us to remember.

3. Write Things Down! - I can't tell you how many lists, web type things on sheets of paper, or notes I have on my phone when I need to keep track of things. Physically writing things down is an easy way to ensure you don't forget about it. You might want to consider using an app like Any.Do .

4. Use Folders and/or Colors! - On my laptop alone I have multiple folders for documents and photos ranging from portfolio pieces to homework. I am big on colors so I tend to color coordinate my notebooks and folders for classes (I keep every graded piece of work and other things). Color coding, highlighting, and separation will help you keep track of things whether it is for school, work, or personal things.

5. Be Consistent! - I can't tell you how many of my friends will write things down but never put them in the same place to find them so they forget where the paper is and what they wrote down. Find a place for everything, maybe a corner of your desk, nightstand, or part of your purse, and continuously have things in that space so you can always backtrack to it. I have this method of placing my car keys and house keys in the exact same spot in my purse when I'm not using them so if they aren't there I go into a panic attack and have to retrace my steps to find them because I'm so use to them being there.