Current Favorite Curly Hair Products

One of the only things I am really arrogant about is my hair because it is amazing. While I'm fortunate to have some really awesome genetics which is part of the reason my hair tends to look so nice, another contributing factor is what I use on a daily basis. I've done a write up before on my hair routine but have since changed what I'm using in my hair.

1. Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme by Beautiful Textures (currently out of it sadly) - I have been dying my hair for the past several months on top of constant use of the blow dryer so my hair needs a leave in conditioner type thing which is why I picked this up. This smells great, isn't overly expensive, and makes my hair happy. When I'm feeling lazy or know I'm just pulling my hair up, I'll only use this after I wash and condition my hair.

2. Multicultural Curls by Miss Jessie's - Miss Jessie's is a product line that I love. Some of the items can be on the pricey side but they work great. This specific curl cream works so great on my hair because it isn't too heavy but is enough for my hair texture. I picked it up on a whim because I know that I'm mixed with different ethnic backgrounds and figured it couldn't hurt. This keeps my hair from frizzing while also working to make it style properly.

3. Beach Trippin' Salt-Infusion Waving Spray by Got2b - I have been using sea salt sprays for over a year for when my hair is mostly or all dry for added texture when I feel like it. I decided to give this a try since it was on sale and was cheaper than a similar product by Not Your Mother's. I have to say I love the price and the job it does. If you have straight hair, this will help you with having some waves. If you have wavy or curly hair, this helps add texture and enhance what you already have!