The Internship Diaries | Reflections on Weeks Three through Five

I don't think I've ever said this about a place I've interned or worked at before but I love where I am! Grand Central Publishing's company culture is incredible but a big reason for my enjoyment probably comes from the specific people I work with and my boss. I've never had such an indulgent and easy going boss before and it really encourages creativity and learning. If you want to try publishing, I would definitely say Grand Central Publishing is the place to intern.

While I'm technically a digital marketing and social media intern, I'm able to branch out. I've read two submissions for an editor, manuscripts that are submitted in hopes of being picked up by the publishing house, and wrote the corresponding reader reports. A reader report is a document that sums up the manuscript briefly, tells whether you liked or didn't like it and why, if  you think it would sell well and be a good investment, lists similar books that are already printed and gather their sales data, and notes any previously published titles by the author. I'm also lucky enough to be roped into some publicity things between stuffing envelopes for a romance mailing or a getting pulled to brainstorm campaign ideas. My boss encourages asking questions and taking projects from other departments in order to get as much as I can out of this internship.

Granted, my first priority is always what I'm directly given from my boss, but I'm encouraged to take on whatever I think I can handle. I have been told to create graphic content like quote pieces in both InDesign and PhotoShop, create pages for specifics authors to add to their Facebook accounts, create a social media marketing campaign for a smaller book, and more on top of managing the Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr accoutns. I have to say I genuinely enjoy coming to work each day, even if I have to be awake and in the shower by 5:30 every morning!

My takeaway for the week is: a position is what you make it so ask questions, ask for more work, work hard, and impress people. It really goes a long way when you give 105% to everything that you do, complete tasks before deadline, and ask for more work when you are light or done because it shows people you want to not only be there but also are there to work.