Romance Review | In the Fast Lane by Audra North

Racing cars is in Kerri Hart's blood--literally, since it's the family business. But Hart Racing is in dire financial straits, and as the only female rookie driver, Kerri's sponsorship offers always tend to be of the unzipped racing-suit variety. It's a message she'd rather not sell to her young fans. But how can she afford not to?

Ranger Colt knows how to make a woman's heart race. But when his voice pops up on Kerri's headset--while she's in mid-tailspin--she's in no mood for his charms. Colt Hardware now has a significant stake in the Hart family business, and Kerri has no choice but to work with him. But when her ex-boyfriend makes a very public, tabloid-fodder scene that threatens to tarnish her image, it's Ranger who comes to the rescue. Pretending to be engaged to generate some good publicity seems like a good plan. In fact, it works--all too well. What begins as a ruse is revving up to feel a whole lot like the real thing. Will Kerri and Ranger's fake-lationship take a wild turn. . .and lead them toward the finish?

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Publishing Date: July 14, 2015
Stars: 3.75
My Review: In the Fast Lane gets a fast but decent 3.75 stars from me. The story was short compared to the length I normally read but I did like what was on the pages. The hero was entertaining and had a sexy drawl to him. The heroine was one to admire in that she was in a man's world but held her own. I liked it but felt it was rushed which is easy to understand considering the book's short length. I will probably end up reading Audra North's next book just because I did like her writing style and her industry of choice.