Romance Review | Heart Breaker by Harper Kincaid

Overview: Love wasn’t in the script… 

Former man-eater Samantha Lockhart has been an actress long enough to be able to spot a smooth-talking player a mile away. Dark-haired, bourbon-eyed, a wicked smile…Kyle Masterson is one of the best.

From his bad-boy motorcycle boots to his good-ole-boy Southern drawl, everything about Kyle screams sex appeal. But after a tragedy hits close to home, Sam tries to convince herself she’s done with players on and off the stage. 

Kyle, a V-twin-riding divorce attorney, has witnessed enough horror stories of love gone wrong to know that while women are welcome in his bed, they’re definitely not in his future. But once the petite, mercurial redhead catches his eye, he can’t think of anything—or anyone—else. 

Sam’s trust doesn’t come easy, but the more time they spend together, the deeper they both fall. Yet just as they’re breaking through each other’s barriers, someone who doesn’t like being upstaged makes a deadly play of his own. And if Sam refuses, she may not be able to breathe a word to anyone…ever.

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Publishing Date: July 28, 2015
Stars: 5
My Review: Kyle Masterson is HOT, HOT, HOT! Oh, who can resist a reformed playboy, divorce lawyer who's sinfully addictive and ridiculously attractive? The correct answer is not freaking me! This story was right up my alley and Harper Kincaid delivered, thanking my lucky stars! I give Heart Breaker 5 decadent stars for making me completely fall in love with the story and the characters. 

Let's start with the female lead as that isn't something I normally do. Samantha Lockhart made me laugh and actually made me think of myself in a lot of ways. Besides the glaring obvious, her sharing my name, she's strong willed, vocal, sassy, and completely confident in her own ability. She doesn't take anyone's crap but has a good heart. I liked her and felt close to her because we not only shared the same first name but also a very similar personality. 

Kyle freaking sexy Masterson was so easy to find charming that it should be one of the seven deadly sins. Honestly, I loved him and panted after him. He's a divorce lawyer and a shark in the courtroom which is hot. It also translates into him being wicked in the bedroom, in complete control of his person, and being intellectual. Kyle is all of these things and more. There's really not much to not like about him. He messes up, which is totally human of him, but he is smart enough to know he has to apologize and fix it. My biggest weakness is a guy that knows when he messes up, knows when to apologize, and knows apologizing and meaning that apology doesn't translate to weakness. 

The story has a few wild moments that add a nice change of pace. You're in for a bit of a ride towards the end but have no fear because there is a lovely happy ending. There's conflict, confusion, hurt feelings, impossibly hot sex, the catapulting into love, and the sweet promise of a gorgeous future. I really just enjoyed the read and it, as many really good romance novels do, reinforced my desire to never settle for anything less than all consuming love and passion.