The Internship Diaries | Reflection on Weeks One & Two

My first publishing company experience is actually going really well. Most of the people I've come into contact with want to teach you and have you learn which is awesome! I have the best boss ever. He's extremely laid back, the opposite of me, and gives me a lot of creative freedom. Even though I'm technically part of the online marketing division, I'm doing publicity and regular marketing stuff. I have to say I love it.

Part of my day-to-day responsibilities include managing two Pinterest accounts, one Tumblr account, and one Google+ account. Managing the accounts means I have to keep them active with pinning, reblogging, and so on. Some of the projects I've worked on outside of those involve designing social media graphics for an author's upcoming book tour, quote graphics praising a newly published book, and designing a postcard layout. I have to say I'm finding it amusing to be so heavily immersed in graphics since that isn't my specialty.

As for the interns, there's about 34 of us and we are all spread out. In my area there's about eight including me. I've noticed some are quite cliquey and that grinds my gears. I try to be pleasant to everyone and set up things for all of us to do outside of work. My efforts have been pretty much for naught so I've kind of chosen to just refocus my attention to cranking out more work and ensuring I make as many connections as possible and possibly get myself a job.

My takeaway for these past two weeks is this: You can't make others like you and you shouldn't try. If people can't see how awesome you then you just don't need them.