What Can I Do With a Degree in Communications or Public Relations?

A lot of people have been asking me about taking up a major in Communications (Communications Studies or whatever your university calls it) and Public Relations. I know that a lot of people attribute their major to their career path which isn't always how it works. Simply put, people say, "I'm a marketing major and will become a marketer." This train of thought limits you and is why majors like communications confuse people on what they can do with them.

From what I have seen through my own experiences, you can do a lot with a degree in communications or public relations. My advice is to take a few marketing and advertising courses as they will be really useful to give you a wider view to see what exactly you like and to have more skills. With a communications degree you can become a publicist (public relations person), a copywriter (advertising type of writer), a social media strategist, a social media coordinator, a literary agent, a digital marketing associate, a social media marketing associate, an internal communications associate, and a lot more.

If you're going to pursue a career in social media, my best advice would be to take graphic design courses, photography courses, and marketing courses. Social media depends upon graphics and photographs just as much as they depend upon cleverly crafted sentences and selected hash tags. While an analytics position doesn't require photography, photo editing, or graphic design skills, these skills make you more marketable and able to grab a position in the overly competitive field. I would also say to follow brands and company pages across any social channel you have in order to see how they operate differently than a personal page.

One last thought for any career paths mentions, and ones I may not have touched, is to research. Research through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. LinkedIn can show you what people in these specific positions do, what their skill sets are, and companies they've worked for to give you an idea if this is the path for you. Google can bring about overviews and job postings for you to view. Twitter can show you how these professionals are using their Twitter account, and other accounts they have may have linked with it, to their benefit. It is so important to really see what you might be getting into before you dive headfirst!