The Bedroom Chronicles: Two for the Empire

"Nathan, stop! I'm trying to get ready for work and my boss hates tardy employees." Allison mockingly admonished while stifling her giggle.

"Considering you had your boss inside your mouth when he woke up I think he would be fine with you being late," Nathan chuckled darkly, settling his hands on her waist and kissing her hair.

"God, Nathan. We are not having sex and being late on my first day at the office. It is bad enough everyone thinks I'm being hired on because we're related and not because of my skills and knowledge." Allison huffed, placing her makeup into her bag and looking at herself in the mirror.

"Yes, my sweet. You look great as you always do so I fail to see why you are going out of your way to wear extra makeup." Nathan replied before dropping his hands and stepping away from Allison.

Allison glanced over herself once more in the mirror before turning on her heel, satisfied with her appearance, and striding towards her purse. She snatched up her cream and black Chloe handbag and looked over at Nathan. He was watching her silently, much like a mountain lion lazily watches its surroundings. Blinking twice, Allison smiled and winked at him.

"Let's get going, Alli. Jared is waiting downstairs." Nathan said, striding towards the door to exit the bedroom.

Nathan was in business mode, cold, concise, and focused. Allison had to admit she loved watching Nathan shift gears between how he was in private, how he was during business, and how he was with just her. They understood each other better than anyone because they wore the same three different masks and shifted through them effortlessly due to years of practice. Shaking her head and putting her game face on, Allison followed Nathan to the elevator.

The ride to the office was quiet. Nathan was reading through the morning news and stock reports on his iPad while Allison preoccupied herself with reading through the team she would be working with. She remembered James Howell and Gabriela Sanchez from functions she would attend with Nathan as his date. The other four she couldn't place their names to a face and found herself looking them up on LinkedIn. Her curious nature always got the best of her and it would make a better impression if she actually knew what each member of her team looked like.

After closing out the LinkedIn application on her iPad, feeling satisfied she knew enough about each person on her team for the first day, Allison noticed Nathan's left hand was on her thigh. She looked up and caught his eyes on her. He smiled softly just before returning his gaze to the tablet in his right hand. A smile tugged at her lips due to the knowledge that she was one of the few people on the planet to witness this kind of Nathan. Settling her tablet in her handbag, Allison placed her right hand over Nathan's hand on her thigh and squeezed.

"We're here," Nathan beamed, stepping out as Jared opened the door.

Allison took Nathan's outstretched hand and exited the car. She breathed in deeply and allowed him to lead her into the building with his hand on her lower back. To a random onlooker they would look like the power couple walking into their empire ready to take over the world. To the security guard in the lobby and the people they passed on their way to the elevators, they looked like the perfect siblings finally working together. It was finally bothering Allison that she would forever be viewed as Nathan's little sister when they weren't even related by blood.

"I can hear your brain working itself into a frenzy from here. Just be yourself and they'll love you. You're charismatic, witty, cunning, and a damn good copywriter. You already have three campaigns you're about to get thrown into today so you can show off your talent." Nathan soothed, kissing the top of her hair and squeezing her hip before separating from her as the elevator bell dinged.

"That wasn't what was bothering me but it is always nice to hear you praise me, Nathan," Allison teased, winking at him as they exited the elevator car.

The two glided towards Nathan's office quietly. Nathan closed the door behind himself and Allison before striding to his desk, unloading his brief case, opening his laptop and looking up at Allison. She had made herself comfortable on the couch in his office and was patiently waiting for him to finish him morning routine. He smirked at her and chuckled, she knew him far too well.

"We're about half an hour earlier than everyone else is expected to arrive and your team is meeting with me, you, and Hayden after I show you your office and have you settled in which is scheduled for ten." Nathan said, his eyes skimming over his calendar for the day.

"That sounds great. Since we're early, think we could go to my office so I'm all settled in? We could christen it, too." Allison taunted, standing an walking towards the door.

"I do love how horny you are, my sweet. Your office is actually only a short few seconds away from mine since you are taking over one of the old HR Director's offices. I moved them downstairs and now we have four vacant offices to play with. I chose your office. You aren't too far from the other creatives as the Director of Advertising is across from you." Nathan explained, leading Allison to her office.

Once opening the door, Nathan ushered her inside. Allison noted that Nathan had taken the liberties to have her company laptop setup, her desk filled with the things from her old office including two pictures of him and her together and a picture of her and Serena, and her framed diplomas hanging upon the wall behind her desk. The fact that he had went out of his way this much made her lips tremble. She knew he loved her but she still wasn't over how he took in the small details and used them to please her.

"Do you like it?" Nathan questioned, his voice sounding unsure.

"Oh, Nathan, I love it. I love you!" Allison squealed, throwing herself at him.

"I'm so glad you like, my sweet. I didn't want you to be uncomfortable and tried to make it somewhere that resembles you. I plan to let you climb the ranks to ultimately become my Director of Advertising and possibly the head of the creative department." Nathan mumbled against her lips.

"You are such a good man, Nathan Higgins. I love you so." Allison said, kissing his jaw.

Nathan hugged her tight to his body but became rigid when he heard his secretary's voice. Double damn, she was early. Normally he applauded her for being early but this time it hindered him from taking Allison. He loved being inside of Allison, the world made sense, and nothing was threatening to rip him apart.

"Looks like we'll have to reschedule christening my office, Nate. Go ahead and settle in with Hilary and I'll get acquainted to the projects you'll be tossing me on. I'll see you at ten." Allison cooed, kissing the corner of his mouth before slipping away from his body to sit behind her desk.

"I have meetings all day, but tonight we will celebrate with Hudson, Serena, and my parents." Nathan said as he walked out of her office towards his own.

Allison tilted her head to the side and took in his words. This was not the first time Nathan had referred to his parents as just his rather than theirs. It may be unconsciously but to Allison she knew what it meant. He was tired of hiding from his parents, from the world, and he was beginning to break the chains that bind. Allison shook her head and refocused her attention on her flooded email inbox. She would focus on doing her job, being the senior copywriter was no small feat, and she would have to talk with Nathan later.

Nathan dismissed Hilary and sat at his desk. Everything was slowly working in his favor. He had Allison finally working for him, a takeover that was going smoothly, and he found a way to stop hiding his feelings for his stepsister. The week looked promising and he just hoped everything stayed that way. He was all too aware of how things can go from great to miserable in a matter of a few short hours.