Romance Review | Provoked by Riley Murphy

Overview: When a museum executive secretary, who barely tolerates men, has a run in with an infamous BDSM Master, Neil Cannon, a man who lives to discipline women, there's little she can do about it. Why?

The Master thinks Charlotte, a.k.a Charlie is her kink-loving, totally outrageous, and continually stirring-up-trouble twin sister. And after what Charlie just did, he has to keep thinking that. At least until she can find a way to climb out of the huge mess her well-meaning intentions have landed her in. She’ll take the punishments the Master intends for her twin. She’ll even put up with him and his misogynistic antics if it means she’ll be able to unlock the secrets that will save her family. All she has to do is behave like her sister. How hard could it be to emulate a fearless, over-confident, rebellious woman, with highly questionable sexual standards?

Neil’s been waiting months for the chance to deal with this audacious sub who's been jacking up the testosterone levels of his vanilla crew whenever her sports car needed maintenance. That’s why he made the service call himself. He’s confident she won’t be yanking his chain, because if she tries he’s prepared to yank it right back. 

Or so he thought until she turns out to be different than what he expected her to be. She starts pushing buttons he didn’t know he had. She’s flipping internal switches, lighting things up, creating a whole new level of dominant need he’s determined to explore, enjoy, and satisfy. 

Unfortunately, before either of them can get a handle on the D/s chemistry exploding between them, she takes off. It’s then he discovers that she’s invited a part of his past, that he’s promised to steer clear of, right to his front door.

Now, in order to keep her safe, he must find her, and when he does he has to keep her close. Too close for either one of them to escape the inevitable truth.

“Sometimes the best pleasures in life are found at the end of a person’s comfort zone,” whispered the Master to the one woman he’s dead set on collaring…

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Publishing Date: May 17, 2015
Stars: 4
My Review: 4 quite happily engaged stars for Provoked. I have to admit I enjoy aspects of BDSM so this book intrigued me on that end. While reading I found I actually did like Charlotte and Neil. Simply put, the book exceeded my expectations which is always a pleasant surprise. There's more to the story than sex and BSDM, thank the heavens. 

Neil is a BDSM Master who is very into discipline and takes on Charlotte thinking she's her cock tease of a sister. He is in for a surprise when he gets Charlotte thinking she's her sister because Charlotte calls to him like no one else and forces him to break his own rules. Charlotte placed herself in a situation to where she had to pretend to be her twin sister which makes her have to become Neil's to discipline. Charlotte never played in the BDSM world but finds herself attracted to and greedy for Neil. 

The two give and take from one another throughout the story even when truth comes out and Neil is angry. He tries to keep her away from him because she lied, because she hurt him. Charlotte continues to try to get to him and they dance around one another until a massive shift happens to which Neil realizes he can't be without her. They both need one another which allows for the pretty sweet ending. I didn't fall in love with the characters or the story but I liked it.