Romance Review | Love on a Spring Morning by Zoe York

Overview: Duplicity. Desire. Denial. They were doomed from the start.

Ryan Howard has zero interest in the movie being filmed in Pine Harbour or the high maintenance stars staying in the cottages at the end of his lane. He's just barely holding on to the raw remains of his life and the fantasy world being concocted around him is, as far as he's concerned, a complete waste of time and energy. The one bright light in his life is an intern on the set, Holly Cresinski, and their quiet conversations at the end of the day on his back porch.

Holly hates her life, too, which is entirely unfair because she’s blessed beyond measure. She’s at the top of her career--as film actress, Hope Creswell--and surrounded by people that mean well. But Ryan makes her laugh, and cry, and before she can find the words to explain her deception, he kisses her.

This is book #3 in the upcoming Pine Harbour series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Zoe York.

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Publishing Date: June 2, 2015
Stars: 4.5
My Review: A loving 4.5 stars goes to Zoe York's Love on a Spring Morning. Who doesn't love when two people who so desperately need love and affection find one another and fall into each other? That's exactly what happens for Holly and Ryan. Ryan's wife's death has shaken him and his children to the point where even months later they are all still emotional fragile. Holly's career and upbringing have left her feeling lonely and always questioning other's motives for wanting her. When the two meet for the first time there's the physical attraction spark that signals what is meant to follow. 

Holly loves the freedom that comes with Ryan not knowing who she is. She can just be herself and not have to worry about any preconceived notions. She's open, as honest as possible, charming, compassionate, sweet, and adoring. Holly is easy to like and relate to. Holly's attraction to Ryan only grows with each of their encounters until they it snowballs and rolls over into feelings 

Ryan is now a single parent with emotional fragile and scarred children to care for and himself. He hasn't so much as looked at a woman in the months since his wife's death but something about Holly calls to him. He struggles to deal with his attraction to her and even further struggles with his growing attachment and feelings. When things get more complicated and he feels betrayed, this happens twice, Ryan takes off and shuts Holly out. 

Due to persistence on Holly's end, some meddling friends, and an all consuming passion, Holly and Ryan find one another time and time again to try and make it work. Ryan's children adore Holly and she's wonderful wit them. Holly makes Ryan a better person, saving him from the darkness that has been clouding his eyes and life since his wife's death. Ryan gives Holly things she's always desired and saves her in return. The story really makes you get lost in the characters and dances heavily upon your heartstrings. I really enjoyed it and am now hunting other books to read by Zoe York.