Hair Product Review | Carol's Daughter

I like to experiment with products because it never hurts to have more than one or two things that don't anger your hair. I was in Walgreens and saw this line, Carol's Daughters, and noticed they had curly hair specific products. I picked up the Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner ($12) and Hair Milk Styling Pudding ($12) on a whim. 

The cleansing conditioner is a stretch for me, I am one of those people who needs shampoo and wash my hair daily. Yes, I realize so many people say it is bad for  your hair and so on but my hair is healthy and actually acts up if I don't wash it. Having said all of this, I used the cleansing conditioner as instructed as a shampoo and conditioner for ten days. Personally, I felt it didn't clean my scalp and that it weighed my hair down a lot. I'm not a fan, at all. 

The styling pudding was easy to pick up since I don't like gels. I used it and found that mixed with the conditioner it really angered my hair. I'm use to my hair having volume and not reacting badly to a diffuser, my hair was anything but bouncy and pretty during the ten days of usage. Using the styling pudding with my choice of shampoo and conditioner made a difference but I don't find it is worth the price when I can purchase similar items that work just as well for less. 

Overall, I find these products would work best on a kinkier and tighter kind of curly hair that is much more unruly than my own. I have since given the products to a friend who has a tighter and kinkier type of curl and she has found she likes what the products do. I would say for someone who has pretty tame or not overly puffy/frizzy curls, this is not the line for you. The smell is amazing but the reaction my hair had was just not worth it. However, keep in mind that everyone's hair reacts differently so these items might be a miracle worker for you while I found them to be something out of a nightmare.