This Week's Romance Reviews

1. Then (Tryst #1) by Marie York

Recommend: Moderately High
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Publication DateMay 6, 2015
My Thoughts
This is a short and steamy read that leaves you with a cliffhanger. Lyla is sweet and a planner. Jaxon is hot, smart, and serious. We meet them both at their college just before move out day. There is a lack of growth but that's to be expected since it is a shorter serial piece. They share a night of passion and you're left wanting to know what happens when the cliffhanger appears.

2. Wolf (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 4) by Nicole James

Recommend: Moderately High
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Publication DateApril 27, 2015
My ThoughtsWolf is hot, hot, hot! Wolf is actually like my fantasy, all full of confidence and dominance that it makes me shiver in delight. Crystal has a big attitude and gives Wolf what he dishes out but has the need to submit, submit to him. They are like gasoline and a lit match, once together they explode and burn. The problem is Wolf couldn't commit and forced Crystal to feel as though he didn't love her when he loves her more than life itself. There's heartbreak, there's passion, there's wild and hot sex, and there's the redeemable hero which makes for the happy ending to be all the sweeter. 

3. Friction by Jamie Magee

Recommend: Highly
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Publication DateApril 24, 2015
My Thoughts
A heartfelt page turner that will delight! Friction is Easton and Georgia's love story that spans several years and finally happens for them once they are adults. Georgia doesn't ever feel like her roots are in the small town her brother and father love so much and so remains unattached until she comes back and invests in a house as an adult. Easton is rooted in the small town but traveled around quite a bit until a force of nature made him rethink that.

The two have always danced around the lines of attraction and tenderness until it all comes to a head. Easton pushes and then pulls, afraid to allow Georgia in because she could hurt him. The two go back and forth until they find common ground, fall further into one another, and burn each other up. There's tense moments, there's sweet moments, and there's wicked hot moments. The book is damn near perfect and so gets 4.75 stars from me!

4. Life After Perfect by Nancy Naigle

Recommend: Moderately High
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Publication DateMay 19, 2015
My Thoughts
Sometimes things fall apart so that the correct things can fall into place. Katherine walks away from what could be looked at as the perfect life when reality comes crashing down upon her that the life she has been living has been a lie. She ends up in Boot Creek to find herself and allow her divorce to proceed. Derek is living back in Boot Creek after leaving his incredible job at Duke University's hospital for his own reason, I liked Katherine and Derek, both apart and together.
Katherine needed to find herself since she let her ex husband define her. With Derek, Katherine didn't have to be someone she wasn't and the experience is liberating. Derek was trying to move on with his life but didn't expect to feel such a connection to Katherine. She makes him want to try again, feel again, and live life fully. The two make each other comfortable and happy and I loved that. 

5. Across the Distance by Marie Mayer

Recommend: Moderately High
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Publication DateMay 5, 2015
My Thoughts
I couldn't put it down once I began! Jillian and Griffin are so naturally in love with one another and I loved that! The two have grown up together with Griffin as her best friend and protector. The path to becoming a couple is less than easy when Jillian doesn't want to lose Griffin by pushing something other than friendship and Griffin trying to sort out how to convey his feelings appropriately to Jillian.

I loved watching Jillian begin to shape herself and grow. She made friends while away at college while processing her growing need for Griffin. I adored Griffin's character and how well he was suited for Jillian. The two fit together like two pieces of a heart puzzle. The sizzle between them is more than lust which makes the tumble into sex all the more sweet. If you are a sucker for childhood friends turning to lovers and protective make characters, this is so your kind of read.