The Bedroom Chronicles: Reality Brings Doubts

Allison was sleeping with her head on Nathan's chest while Nathan scrolled through emails on his iPad. He had unplugged from the world outside of the villa all of Saturday and Sunday, but now he needed to see what was going on in his empire. Most emails weren't important enough to warrant responses, but for the ones that did, he typed up concise ones and sent them. Finally clearing through his backed up email, Nathan moved to check the New York Times and the stock reports.

Nathan kissed the top of Allison's head as she burrowed further into his chest. Even asleep she held power over him. He was in tune with her every movement, even while reading through the news highlights and stock exchange report.

"Nathan, love me," Allison whispered softly, blue grey eyes slightly open and looking at him impatiently.

"You know I love you. You just want my full attention. You have it now, sweetness, I'm done with what I was doing." Nathan chuckled, kissing her nose.

A brilliant smile spread across Allison's lips. Her eyes sparkled and her left hand reached up to brush her fingers against his jaw. She opened her hand as Nathan closed his eyes and attempted to nuzzle her hand. It was the sweet moments like this, the moments the outside world never saw, that Allison cherished the most. She was a romantic at heart and for the moment let herself believe her and Nathan had a future.

"I can hear your mind working from here, sweetness. Stop drudging up such unhappy thoughts while you're touching me." Nathan grumbled from deep within his chest as his eyes snapped open, boring into hers.

"We're headed back to reality, back to hiding, Nathan. Forgive me for feeling the weight of it." Allison replied, voice soft and hand dropping from his face.

Nathan shook his head, grabbing her hand and placing it back to cup his cheek. He was a very physical being and sometimes chose touches over words. In this moment, his actions spoke volumes to Allison. Her lips curled into a tender smile and her right hand splayed gently over his cotton covered chest.

"I breathe you, Nathan, so deep and full that I need you more than air," Allison whispered the words that were a signature between them since she was just 17.

"I breathe you, as well. I love you, breathe you, need you, and damn well have you." Nathan growled just before he took her hands from his body and crashed their lips together.

The kiss was punishing in nature. Nathan was punishing her for doubting their love, doubting his love for her, and doubting that they could make it. He would ground her in those moments, pulling her back to their sacred place, and she loved him all the more for it. Nathan was Allison's safe haven, her truest home. Their souls were cut from the very same cloth.

"Now that I've grounded you, lovely, we need to discuss something else. While I realize you love where you work, I think it is time you work for me." Nathan said, eyes determined as he watched Allison's eyes widen just a fraction.

"Nathan, I don't see how that is a good idea," Allison replied, blinking twice before focusing on his eyes.

"There are several reasons why you coming to work for me is a brilliant idea. First, you would have your own office rather than a cubicle. Second, you would work on my floor which means we would physically be close most hours of the day. Third, you'd receive a massive pay upgrade. Fourth, we should be playing on the same team since you're mine. Fifth, think of all the ways I'm going to make you come in your own office." Nathan recited, his grin growing with each reason.