Short and Sweet Romance Reviews

This month is the home stretch for my second to last spring semester. The easiest way for me to keep the stress off is reading and so I've been swallowing novels whole. I feel for your wallets because you're going to want at least three of these! All of these novels were given to me in exchange for an honest review. Some of these aren't released just yet but you can pre-order them! 

1. Dragon's Lair by Chantal Fernando

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The cover piqued my interest and then I requested it.
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Why I loved the book: Chantal Fernando spun such an incredible love story between Faye and Dex in Dragon's Lair. 
This book is a page turner and I suggest you don't try to start it late at night as you will have a massive book hangover the next morning.The writing is fluid, bold, and easy which keeps you ensnared in her spell while you enter the world of one bad biker gang. I have to say I loved Faye because I related to her so easily. I say what I feel and have a hard time biting my tongue. Faye is a sass pot with a sharp tongue, but has a massive weakness for Dexter Black. Dex is the ultimate bad boy, next in line to take over a biker gang, and also has a heart of gold. 

This story begins when both are just children as they grew up next door to one another. There is clear feelings between the two even during their childhood. Fast forward several years and we have Faye as a law student and Dex as the vice president of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club. The two have had their fate tapestries woven together since they were children, but now as adults they are stuck together in lust, sex, and love. There is the presence of attraction and care, lust, and eventually love. There's possession, Dex is all alpha male, and there's a few moments you might be screaming, "Holy hell!" There is an awesome happy ending, too! 

2. Exposed by Tracy Wolff

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I have been waiting on this novel since I finished the second one in this series so I jumped at the chance to have it before the official publication date!

Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Why I loved the book
Tracy Wolff is an exceptionally gifted writer and I began reading her novels when the first Ethan Frost novel came out in January of 2014. She fleshes out her characters so well and the plot is always well constructed. I am a bit biased on loving this novel since I have loved Ethan Frost since the beginning.

It feels so good to see Ethan Frost back in action. I've been waiting for this book for what feels like years! Can I just say that Ethan and Chloe are dynamite together? This book takes you on a wild ride with twists and turns you never see coming. The passion, the love, the torment, all of it rolls together to become the third Ethan Frost novel. 

Epic page turner is what I dub Exposed. Home run, slam dunk, goal, touch down! First off, they get MARRIED! YES! Ethan and Chloe Frost, quite a nice ring to it in my opinion. If you've read Play Me Wild you'll remember Sebastian. We get quite a bit of Sebastian in this novel and I was so happy. I adore Sebastian. Granted, he doesn't top Ethan Frost, but he's pretty awesome. I am anxiously awaiting the next novel, Flawed.

3. Between Everything and Us by Rebecca Paula

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I saw something another reviewer said and I wanted to read something that tugged at my heartstrings so I requested it.

Publication Date: Already released
Why I loved the bookAbsolutely stunning piece of literature that will break your heart to put it back together again! Right from the first page this book gives you an emotional roller coaster because of Beau and Matisse. The two have chemistry, the best kind of natural chemistry that simmers and finally explodes. Beau is an athlete, a hockey star that has some personal issues which make him drop out of college and give up hockey. Matisse is an artist who failed out of the best art school in the United States her freshman year and transferred to Sutton College to restart. Both are a bit lost but eventually find their way. 

The novel opens with a sexy and amusing scene between the two who are roommates. This story is very emotional and really grips you. The love, the struggle, the confusion, and all that falls in between will hold you tight to the story and make you adore the characters. The best kind of stories are the kind that make you forget it is just fiction and suck you in completely. Between Everything and Us definitely does this!

4. Fracture by Amanda K. Byrne

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The name beckoned me and the overview sealed my desire to read the book.
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Why I loved the book: From the first page of the book, you're all in! The book pulls at your emotions through the vivid picture of destruction, Hell, hopelessness, and finally hope and comfort. Amanda Byrne's writing compels you to feel and really see through Nora's eyes. The connection Nora and Declan develop is beautiful, much like a rainbow is after a rainstorm. 

 Nora is in Bosnia, a hot zone ridden with war and destruction, when she seals her fate with saving Declan. Nora is barely holding it together after all that she's been through and continues to go through. She's quick witted, fractured, but still quite caring. Declan lives on the edge since it comes with the territory and is rough around the edges with good intentions and a sensitive hidden heart. The two are thrown together by divine action it would seem because everything that transpires afterwards shows how much these two were meant to find one another.

5. Reclaimed by Her Master by April Vine

Recommend: Moderately High
Why I picked up the book: I most certainly judge the book by its cover and requested it.
Publication Date: April 28, 2015
Why I loved the bookSometimes "the one that got away" is the one you bring back into your life and ensure she never leaves. Stephen Black and Aria Swift haven't been together since Aria left him eight years prior. When Aria decides to clear up loose ends to be able to move on with her life she ends up back in Stephen Black's home and under his dominance once again. The body and heart override the mind when you try to convince yourself to believe your own lies and Aria falls right into that category as her body and heart respond to Stephen even while her mind tries to ignore her need of him. 

Stephen is downright alpha male and an angry one because it had taken her eight long, long years to come back to him, but now that she's back she won't be leaving him ever. Aria is clever,strong, and submissive to only Stephen. There are moments during the story where you really see how deeply invested both are in one another and the BDSM lifestyle. The writing is pretty potent and the story centers on the complete surrender of Aria to Stephen. While there is minimal character and plot development, the story is still really interesting and worth a read which is why I gave it four stars.