Romance Review | Lust by Leddy Harper

Release Date: April 23, 2015
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Review: I give this emotional roller coaster a perfect five stars. From the very first few pages, Leddy Harper drags you into the novel's world and keeps you in it. The spell Harper weaves through each printed word is as potent as the title choice. Ivy and Cade are two beings, two shattered souls, that mirror one another. While Ivy so desperately wants to participate in reality, Cade wants to desperately escape it. 

Cade meets Ivy because she becomes his client. The problem is he can't seem to keep her in his mind in strictly a professional sense. He begins to crave her, lust after her, obsess over her. Cade is still battling his own demons and tends to use sex as an escape. What he finds in Ivy is a person who could either save him or break him completely. 

Ivy has a past that has left her a shattered soul. She is uncomfortable with touching herself even in the most innocent of ways and is most certainly uncomfortable with sex. She's learned to lie to all her traditional therapists in order for them to tell her she's making progress when she knows for a fact she's not. Something about Cade speaks to Ivy to bring her comfort so she opens up to him completely and gives him the truth she could never give others.
The two fall into one another, falling further down their very own rabbit hole, and carve out their own reality. There's moments of push and pull, moments of confusion, moments of confession, and moments of tenderness. Ivy and Cade save one another and their love is what is the most redeeming part of each of them.