Eating Out in NYC | 4 Places to Try

I love living where I live because I have access to some of the greatest food in the world. Everyone is always asking where to eat when in Manhattan so I'm going to just start doing posts once or twice a month on places to eat out.

1. The Grey Dog  

The Grey Dog Cafe is a cute little place in the west village that has three locations. It sits on the corner of Carmine Street and Bedford Street. The food is American and decently priced. I went for brunch but ended up with something off of the lunch menu, a panini that was out of this world. What I love about the place is its location, the great tasting food, and the price. This restaurant has an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and website

2. Sugar Factor, American Brasserie

Sugar Factor, American Brasserie is a great place for those who have a sweet tooth and is located in the Meatpacking District near Soho House. The original beverages come with the option to add alcohol in order to not only give you a sugar rush but also a nice tipsy feeling. The food is based on the sweeter side of things mostly and is really good. The prices are on the higher end, but tastes great. This restaurant has a website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
3. Phillip Marie Restaurant 

The Phillip Marie Restaurant is another place in the West Village that is like a gem when it comes to food. I had brunch with a friend and it was not only packed, but the food and mimosas were delicious. The food is American cuisine and not overly priced. This restaurant has a website, Twitter, and Facebook.

4. Argo Tea

Argo Tea is a cute place that sells paninis and tea, kind of like a Starbucks. They are scattered around Manhattan with one in the Flatiron District, one in Columbus Circle, one in Union Square, and so on. This place is nice and decently priced and focused on health so the breads are multi-grained and whatnot. My personal favorite is the chicken pesto panini which has now been taken off their menu. My second runner up is the smoked turkey and Swiss panini. This place has a website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.