10 Short and Sweet Romance Reviews

The feeling of reading a book before it's publication date is incredible. I am fortunate to be able to do this! I believe that I always give an honest review. If I do not like something, I say so and explain why. I always give the author the credit he or she deserves as writing is a craft that many do not see the importance of. I think your wallets will cry some more as I go through my reviews!

1. Wolf Bride by Elizabeth Moss

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview made me want to read it so I requested it.
Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Why I loved the book: I was given this novel before publication date in exchange for an honest review. I've never read anything by Elizabeth Moss but this book has definitely pushed me to become a loyal reader. Moss is on the same writing level as the golden stars, Sylvia Day and Jodi Ellen Malpas, as far as I'm concerned. The writing is vivid, potent, and fluid. There was never a point in the book where I became bored. The plot is well crafted, the characters develop before your eyes while lost in the story, and the love that grows is sweet. Of course, the sex is quite nice. Quite nice is putting it mildly, Wolf and Eloise burn up the Tudor era sheets! Ah, yes, I must explain that this is a historical romance. It is one of my weaknesses! 

I loved how the main characters worked well for one another and had such distinctive personalities. I think I really should say I loved everything about this book. I'm beyond impressed! I look forward to reading more from the lovely Elizabeth Moss! 

2. Say My Name by J. Kenner

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I've been waiting for this book and so requested to have an advanced copy!
Publication Date: April 7, 2015
Why I loved the bookSo beyond in love with this novel! I've read the Stark International Series with Damien Stark by J. Kenner so I knew I enjoyed her writing style. Honestly, I think I love Jackson Steele more than I love Damien Stark. Jackson has secrets and those secrets have shaped him into who he is. I'm looking for a witty, dominant, gorgeous architect in my life, also known as Jackson Steele! Sylvie, our heroine, is haunted by her distant past and her not so distant past. Jackson Steele is "the one that got away," but can you say that when you are the one who forced him away? This book sucks you right in and has enough sharp left and right turns to keep you reading until the very end! There's passion, character development, mind blowing sex, and a great story line. I can't wait for the second book! This is definitely a must read for fans of Kenner's Stark International Series and Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series.

3. Hard Ride (all parts) by Opal Carew

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview made me want to read it and the cover was hot so I requested it.
Publication Date: April 7, 2015/ April 14, 2015/April 28, 2015
Why I loved the bookLove, so in love! This is my first time reading Opal Carew's work and she so has me in her clutches. The book kicks off well with Devin (Shock) and Olivia (Liv) meeting unexpectedly after not seeing one another for six years.They have a past, both have suffered to shape them into who they are, and fall into this contract. Devin has changed name to Shock which is very fitting because he's such a shock to the senses. He's witty, down-to-earth, wickedly attractive with just enough dominance and bad boy to keep you wanting more. Olivia is strong headed, sweet, passionate, and selfless. This is the first part of their story so we are left with a massive cliffhanger! Carew has hit a home run in my book! 

The second book picks off right where the first book leaves off! Liv and Shock continue their affair and Liv begins to fall in love. There's a few twists but it is easy to see Shock adores her. It is such a shame she can't realize that. The chemistry and tenderness between them is powerful. The writing is incredible, keeps you locked in the world of Liv and Shock until the cliffhanger end.

The conclusion of Liv and Shock was a torrid affair. There's always those that wish to bring you down, the dealing with Julia's health, and the dealing with feelings. There's a happy ending which makes all the twists and turns so worth it. Opal Carew takes you on a journey from book one to here and ends it quite well . Shock is everything you could possibly ask for. He and Liv are dynamic together. I will definitely read other novels by her.

4. The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview made me curious so I requested it.
Publication Date: Already released.
Why I loved the bookLauren Smith, you have a loyal reader now! I didn't know if I would love this book or not, but I'm proud to say I LOVE this book! Smith's writing is impeccable! The story had mystery, suspense, white hot passion, sex, and love all rolled into one. I felt like I was on a wicked roller coaster the entire time, loving every single moment! The plots weaves, twists, turns, and develops over the course of the book which is such a pleasure! The characters develop through the entire book which is a must for me! Also, there's the much needed and desired happy ending with a promise of something more in the next installment! Thank you for taking me on a wicked ride, Lauren Smith! 

5. Rock & Release by Riley Edgewood

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview was interesting and I'm a sucker for life changing romance so I picked this up.
Publication Date: Already released.
Why I loved the book
The best things in life aren't planned. That is the saying and this book holds tight to that idea. Cassidy had always played it safe and works hard, letting life kind of pass her by. After some decisions, good and bad, she ends up bartending and with Gage. Gage is a musician, sensitive, hot, witty, and adoring. Both characters are fighting their own demons but when together, they are dynamic. You can't help but fall in love with Gage, he's perfectly imperfect. The writing is great, the story has twists and turns, and there is character development. This book sucks you in and doesn't release you until the last word of the happy ending.

6. Blue Rose by A. M. Helen

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview picked at me and the cover drew me in. 
Publication Date: Already released.
Why I loved the book
This is my first book by A.M. Helen and I have to admit that I'm impressed. My rating is more accurately a 4.5 out of five but the stars don't really allow for that. It is a great romance novel for lover's of books like the One Night Trilogy and the This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas. The writing was incredible, the story developed, the characters developed, and there were twists and turns. The story kept you engaged and there was instant attraction between Alexander and Melissa. Both have secrets, and secrets when not shared or explained, can tear what you value most to shreds. Love, lust, and tenderness come naturally for Alexander and Melissa which is great to see considering what they've both gone through. There's wicked ex's that wish to destroy them, the ever sweet promise of a beautiful future, and the weight of their secrets crashing upon them. This is book one of Helen's series for Alexander and Melissa so it leaves on a massive cliffhanger, you've been warned!

7. The Duke of Andelot by Delilah Marvelle

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I'm a sucker for a good historical romance novel so I sent in a request!
Publication Date: Already released.
Why I loved the bookWhat a story! Gerard and Therese have such an amazing love story which weaves the French Revolution, mystery, and heartbreak into it. The two meet in the most interesting of ways and fall into one another under almost laughable reasons. They go to Paris together and from there Therese makes a name for herself acting while having Gerard financially and emotionally dote on her. They have quite the unique relationship. 

The story comes to the climax when Therese must make the most painful decision of her life in order to protect Gerard. The story continues until the two have a happy ending I wasn't sure would come! The writing is so vivid and beautiful that Delilah Marvelle has gained a new fan! The story is written fabulously, the characters and story develop, and there's a happy ending. I'm beyond glad I could read this and believe everyone who does will love it as much as I did.

8. Full Contact by Sarah Castille

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The title drew me in but then reading the overview sealed my fate, I needed to read this novel!
Publication Date: Already released on Barnes and Nobel/April 7 on Kindle
Why I loved the book: If you like alpha wolves who fight, this is so the book for you! I love a well written story with a fighter, all alpha male and complicated, with a heroine that is less than Little Miss Sunshine. Sia and Ray (the Predator) make a striking couple in that they find salvation within one another and test each other's limits. Sia has a past that dictates who she is now, she tried to lock it up in a box rather than moving forward. Ray has a past that haunts him even now, ensuring he has his own baggage. The two together are like a lighter thrown to gasoline. 

They explode and in the most delicious of ways. There's a lot of push, pull, and fall into one another mixed with passion, wicked sex, and love. There's a happy ending that is so sweet I swear I have a cavity, but I like it that way! The story develops and grows, as do the characters, and the writing is fabulous. Sarah Castille is extremely talented! She executed her story perfectly and she kept me hanging on her every word! 

9. His Billion Dollar Dilemma by Alexia Adams

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: They say never judge a book by its cover but I did with this novel and it served me well.
Publication Date: April 14, 2015
Why I loved the book: First thing's first, Alexia Adams is a fantastic writer. This is my first novel by her and I'm completely under her spell. She writes a compelling story that would fall on its face if she wasn't so talented, didn't have plot and character development, and didn't flesh out her two major characters. Adams is someone I will continue to read if all her books are as incredible as this one! 

Simon is a corporate pirate, a sexy and very British corporate pirate, that crosses paths with Helen because he's just purchased the engineering company she is a part of. Their first meeting is memorable and awkward but leaves them both remembering the other for more than business. Helen is a design engineer, a damn good one at that, and realizes what Simon plans to do to the company she works for. Helen is passionate, compassionate, strong willed, gorgeous, and has a past that has kept her from embracing her womanly charms. Simon is passionate, cold, complicated, tender, and is actually a yo-yo! The two have instant attraction and make for an interesting read with the twists and turns and ultimate happy ending. 

10. Escorting the Billionaire by Leigh James

Recommend: Moderately High
Why I picked up the book: I always like a spin on bad situations so I went for this book.
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Why I loved the book
This went in a much better direction than I anticipated, a solid 4.5 stars. James is hilarious with his no bull shit attitude, sarcasm, and utter hatred towards his family. Aubrey is so fresh and incredible. Aubrey is an escort, not for herself but for another purpose, and is constantly putting herself down. She and James together are great. The chemistry is almost instant and they work well together as though they've known each other for months. James has the family from Hell, but Aubrey is able to handle them. The writing is pretty good and the plot is interesting enough to keep you ensnared. The story twists and ultimately leaves you with a massive cliffhanger! I must read the next book and know what happens!