Eating Out in NYC | The Park Restaurant

If you haven't eaten at places in major cities like Manhattan, you are missing out on some amazing food. This weekend I took a friend for brunch on a friend's recommendation and couldn't be any more thrilled with the restaurant. If you've ever eaten in Manhattan, you'll know the prices can be quite unreasonable depending on where you go.

The Place:

The Park is a restaurant in lower Manhattan, in Chelsea, and has one of the best ambiances ever! The whole setup is a dream. You actually feel like you're outside when you're eating in the garden area. I loved the feeling of being surrounded by nature and sitting in a park while actually being inside of a restaurant. The main room off to the side of the bar has an awesome fireplace and wicked seating area!

Our waitress was attentive and upbeat which I loved. The restaurant was fairly busy but our waitress always made it a point to ensure we had drinks, the complimentary bread, and our orders. She checked in several times through the hour and change that I was at the restaurant. One of the managers came around and was really awesome! She chatted with my friend and I for a bit, complimented my hair, and told us about the nightclub. The entire staff was awesome, from the hostess to the waitress to the manager.

The Food:

I went for brunch and so ended up having vanilla flavored pancakes with this awesome berry butter, it was fabulous! My friend had poached eggs over salmon hash with crème fraiche and scallions which she said was out of this world! We both ordered mango mimosas and we had the same reaction, we moaned a little. They were better than I anticipated which is always a great thing. All of the food was incredible and so worth their price. If I had to rate the restaurant, I'd give it five stars. The entire experience was great and I will definitely be coming back.