Drugstore Finds | NYX Butter Gloss & Eyeshadow Palette

Sunday night I had to go into CVS to pick up migraine medicine and found myself perusing the cosmetics aisle. I do this from time to time and always end up purchasing something to add to my collection. This time around I decided to try more NYX Cosmetics products so I ended up selecting two butter glosses and their Natural Shadow Palette.

The Natural Shadow Palette
Price: $7.49
Why I like it: I'm not big on a bunch of bright colors since I have brown eyes and realize what brings out my eyes most tends to be neutral tones. This palette has a nice mix of neutral tones and is decently priced. I have been playing with it and found I like this one better than the Maybelline New York one I have.
Is it worth it: I say yes! Especially if you aren't big on makeup and are just dabbling. Why spend over $40 on high end shadow palettes when you can spend under $10 for something similar? The quality is pretty good and the price is great.

Butter Gloss Creme Brulee & Strawberry Parfait
Price: $4.99 (each)
Why I like it: These lip glosses are great colors and are smooth. I like how they glide on nicely but have the glossy hint to it and aren't heavy like many lip sticks are. The colors I chose are pretty neutral based and I love how they look on.
Is it worth it: I say absolutely! So many higher end glosses cost over $15 and these are just as good for under $10! For the price of three of these glosses you are only getting one from a high end cosmetics brand.