7 Short and Sweet Romance Reviews

My Spring Break officially began Friday morning which meant free time to inhale more romance novels. I can already hear some of you weeping at the thought of spending even more money. I like the short and to the point style I took up last time so I'm going to be running with it. Let me know if you pick up on any of my reviewed series or books, I love hearing your thoughts!

1. Need by K. I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The title and cover drew me right away. After reading the overview, I was tempted so I downloaded it.
Why I loved the book: Love that comes about and is fanned into a deeper love is always interesting, especially when you grow up next door and as close friends. Brayden and Kira have things stripped away from them once their parents announce they are getting married. This is the biggest turn that launches the next string of fucked up that makes the book so great. The book allows you to see into both Brayden and Kira's views to understand what leads them to do what they do even while they are both madly in love with each other. The writing is perfection while the plot is cleverly pieced together and the character development keeps you engaged. There is a massive cliffhanger at the end of the novel simply because this is book one in the series. I screamed when I realized there would be another book and the other book isn't due out until some time this summer! I do dare you to not love Brayden, he's truly a redeemable male lead.
Book quote: "Oh, shit!" My mouth drops open as I stare down to where we're joined. "I'm inside you, I'm fucking inside you."

2. Married to the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I stumbled across this while scrolling through Amazon and the overview sucked me right in.
Why I loved the book: The God damn Mafia and hot Italians always drag you right in. Dangerous bad boys make for awesome romance novels. Elena makes you feel for her and Tony is just as complicated while being a bad ass Mafia component. The unexpected twists and turns make for an interesting read while the chemistry between Elena and Tony satisfies your sinful lusty needs. It is said love can be found when you aren't looking and that is partially what makes this story fabulous. There's action, there's romance, there's hot sex, and character development! The writing is so good and I'm so grateful because if the writing wasn't, the story wouldn't be as good as it was.
Book quote: "You belong to me, baby. Just look how wet you are."

3. Dangerous Temptations by Brooke Cumberland

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: This book was an Amazon recommendation based on what I have downloaded so I read the overview and wanted to read it.
Why I loved the book: The book has so many, "OH MY FUCKING GOD" moments and I love that. Alex and Mac make you flip out and scream and laugh and repeat the cycle constantly. Mac is a likable character and Alex is just my favorite type of male ever. Alex is like walking sin from his words to his body and the things he can make Mac feel. The plot is fucked up in all the right ways and the character development is perfect, along with the writing.
Book quote: "I can't stop, Mac - kissing you, touching you, being around you - it's uncontrollable."

4. Consumed by Skyla Madi

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The cover made me double take and then I read the overview, I was a goner and ready to read!
Why I loved the book: Seth and Olivia are very my character types, he's alpha male and she's a feisty sass pot! The author writes really well so the story developed, the characters had development, and you stayed lost in the novel's world! There's serious chemistry between Seth and Olivia, the learning to love and accept love, and a happy ending we all desire! If you don't respect and adore Seth, you aren't reading the book properly and need to read it for comprehension.
Book quote: "I believe this is called hand holding. People do it when they are fond of another person - or when they want to piss off someone's mother."

5. Breathless/Fearless/Carpe Diem by Eve Carter

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the first book: The book cover caught my eye and after reading the overview and a few quotes from the book, I was determined to read it!
Why I loved the series: Who doesn't love when love saves and redeems a person? That's exactly what this story shows. Jesse and Nikki find each other when they come from two completely different worlds, but that doesn't stop their attraction and eventual relationship. The more they are around each other the more you see why they are good for the other. Jesse is far from perfect but he wants to be better and be worthy of Nikki while Nikki comes into herself with Jesse's support. The writing is compelling, the story line is great, and the all consuming love doesn't fail to supply a happy ending.
Book quote: "Nikki, before you go back let me just tell you, I'm not stopping until you're mine. You didn't resist the kiss just now. You didn't tell me to leave you alone, so be prepared to be stalked."

6. Scarred by Love by C. A. Harms

Recommend: Moderately High
Why I picked up the book: The title and cover were so compelling that I read the overview and just downloaded the book.
Why I loved the book: The writing was on point, the story line was interesting enough to keep me interested, and the love and sex was hot. Zander and Riley make you want them together no matter how screwed up certain things become. I was easily team Zander the entire novel and had chest pains when things went terribly wrong. It's always great when an author can make you shout while reading, it means you are thoroughly engaged.
Book quote: "I can't lose you, Riley. I love you too much. Tell me we gotta shot at fixing this...Please. Even if you're lying and tomorrow it'll all be different. Just give me this night. Just one night to feel you next to me and imagine that we're okay; I need to get rid of this hurt in my chest. I'm begging you for that. I just want you to lie to me and tell me we'll be okay."

7. The Krinar Chonicles by Anna Zaires

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the first book: I was reading through my Amazon suggestions when the first book popped up and I read the synopsis. It was different than my other reading and made me want to read it so I purchased it and was hooked by the second chapter!
Why I loved the series: The entire story is so creative with elements of mystery, action, drama, and the always present romantic love. The writing was phenomenal and the plot line was so intriguing and sucked me right in. Korum and Mia have the instant attraction that sizzles through the air and Korum's character is just so pleasantly interesting. He's very complicated and I love it. The character development is on the money, the story shifts and makes sharps lefts while holding you captive, and there's a happy ending! I dare you not to fall for Korum's charm.
Book quote: "You've been mine from the moment I saw you in the park that day. I don't share what's mine. Ever. If you so much as look at another male - human or Krinar - you will regret it. And whoever lays a hand on you will be signing his own death warrant. Do I make myself clear?"