5 Things You Should Do Before Leaving College

1. Do Something Drastic to You Hair

College is still the time where you can do wild things and, for the most part, get away unscathed. Do you want to cut your hair wicked short and dye it bubblegum pink? Do it while you're in college! Granted, if you're going to work at an office or are interning, this might not be the best thing. However, get your wild side out of you while you can. Most positions have a certain code of dressing which includes the way your hair looks. Many offices are against pastel colors and colors that "do not look natural" so take advantage of being in college. 

2. Get Stupid Drunk

I know a few people who didn't get drunk until they were already in their full-time positions after graduating with a four year degree. They had no idea what their limit actually was and it was costly. One of my friends was almost raped because she was so out of her mind drunk that she could barely understand what was going on. College is the time to experience with your alcohol limit, but do it safely. Ensure you're with trusted friends and you all have each other's back to avoid any kind of issue. Learn what it feels like when you're buzzed, when you're drunk, and when you know you won't remember what happened that night when you wake up. This will be helpful in the future when you're at work functions and the like. No one likes a stupid drunk at work functions or an uptight person who refuses a casual drink.

3. Have A Casual Hookup

I'm all for romance and a long lasting relationship, but how do you know what you like and don't like if you've only ever been with one person? You usually don't! High school sweethearts and college lovers who marry each other tend to be the ones who divorce because of adultery. You get curious and feel attracted to someone other than your spouse and cheat. Not everyone but the statistics are high. I'm not saying have 50 nights of different guys or girls in your bed, I'm saying having a casual one night stand once or twice is worth the experience. Sometimes it is nice just to be physically pleased and not have to worry about the emotions because our lives are moving so fast. At 19, we have to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives, balance school work with a job or both an internship and job, and also grow up ourselves. Just a year ago you were not able to do whatever you wanted and now you're an adult with so many responsibilities. A relationship is a responsibility and sometimes it isn't a good idea to add that stress. 

4. Intern in a Major City

Not everyone has lived or attends college in a major city, or even near one, so interning at one is important. I know so many people that want to work in New York City and have never even stepped foot in Manhattan. That is not a good idea. I'm raised in and around it so I realize how fast paced it actually is and that's why working or interning isn't a massive deal. For some people, the pace and cutthroat vibe of the city can actually cause them to fail. Interning is the best way to see if the environment is something you can not only flourish in, but also genuinely like. 

5. Study Abroad

If you have the time and money to study abroad, the experience is wonderful. For many people, studying abroad is the only way for them to leave their native country. You learn about how others outside of your country live, get time to explore the city you are in, and try new things all while attending college. This gives a really "on your own" feel, too, since you are usually extremely far away form your family. Another plus to studying abroad is learning whether or not you could ever relocate for work when you're a professional.