5 Short and Sweet Romance Reviews

During my Spring Break I enjoyed reading several books. I'm really happy to say that I am still not through with all the books I want to read so I will have many more of these review posts throughout the year! I hope I continue to spark your romance novel interest!

1. The Hurricane by R. J. Prescott

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The title and overview pulled me in and I downloaded it!
Why I loved the book: There's a dominant male character who becomes a better person because of his love interest which always makes for a great story when done right. Prescott writes a compelling story that you get to see from both his and her views while reading which is always a good time. O'Connell is a hot tempered Irishmen with a great heart and a natural gift for boxing. I love the heroine as she is not only a sweetheart but extremely strong to go through what she did and still be a functioning member of society. I love that O'Connell saves her just as much as she saves him. The writing and plot line keep you sucked in right until the very end which, of course, has a happy ending.
Book quote: "When you're with me, you never have to be afraid of anything. I would decimate any fucker who so much as looked at you wrong if you asked me to. Tonight, you believed that, and you dropped your guard. You trusted me. Every time you let down another one of those barriers, I know that you're a bit closer to being mine. One day, when the last one falls, you'll be as much mine as I am yours."- Cormac O'Connell

2. Wreaking Havoc by Angel Steel

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I stumbled across this while scrolling through Amazon and the overview made me need to read the book so I downloaded it.
Why I loved the book: This book was so God damn powerful that I need to swear. It takes your heart, rips it out, stomps on it, and makes it come back to life all over again. Just when you think it is all safe and you know what is going on, the entire fucking story spins on its head and leaves you screaming. I actually screamed so loud and kept saying, "Oh my fucking God, no fucking way!" When a book can completely mind fuck you, it's better than good, it's a masterpiece. This is one of those books. The heroine takes you by the heart and keeps you while the hero is, well, you'll just have to see why I kept cursing. I do dare you to not tear up and scream while reading this novel! This is by far one of the best books I have read in a long time, definitely in the Crossfire Series league.
Book quote: "Baby, why aren't you wearing any underwear?"
Still holding onto her hip, my other hand slid up her body and lingered under her breast. Her chest rose and fell quickly, in time with my own. My hand shook as it sat under the weight of her breast. Waiting, I have no idea why.
"I wanted to surprise you," she purred while pushing her ass back against my jeans.

3. The Club Trilogy by Lauren Rowe

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the first book: Someone I follow on Pinterest posted a teaser and I added the book to my "To Read" pinboard. Once Spring Break took hold I downloaded book number one and quickly ended up finishing the trilogy.
Why I loved the book: The book is really well written with a lot of thought to the plot, the character development, and the mystery mixed with love element. I love when an author can keep me guessing because some stories are so "textbook" that it becomes boring. You will not be bored. Jonas is the right amount of clever, arrogant, dirty, and kindhearted. I so dare you not to want one of him! Sarah is such a good contrast to Jonas and I love how she's so witty! She keeps him on his toes, forces him to take up a challenge, and their love comes like a speeding bullet, undesired and unannounced.  The chemistry between them is hotter than the sun and is great to read. I found myself laughing aloud several times. Overall, this series is definitely worth a read!
Book quote: "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet." He pulls back out and winks. "Plato."

4. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I saw this book a few times and glazed over it but something kept me coming back until I finally caved and read it.
Why I loved the book: I laughed and screeched so many times while reading this book that I had to ensure I was not in a public place while reading. Simon is actually my fiction soul mate and I adore him. He's so obnoxious and witty that it's great. Caroline is great and she definitely is a fun character. The chemistry between both Simon and Caroline is awesome which makes the reading fantastic! The book is the right amount of witty, romantic, and sexy. It was a bit of a refreshing read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing was so good and is most definitely part of the reason the plot line worked because a weaker writer wouldn't have been able to pull this story off. I just have to say this, Simon is awesome. I love Caroline, but Simon needs to find me in real life!
Book quote: "Truth? I've been thinking about you since the night you banged on my door." - Simon

5. Duke of Darkness by Anabelle Bryant

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the first book: The cover drew me in and I'm a sucker for historical romance!
Why I loved the series: We all like what we like and I love a good historical romance story and this book was just that. Devlin is a haunted Duke who gets left his aunt's ward upon her passing. He assumes that Alex is a male in need of finding a wife but is definitely shocked to learn Alex is Alexandra, a beautiful young woman. He takes her into his care and tries to do as his deceased aunt asked, find Alexandra suitable husband. Of course, love never does work the way we want and things can become extremely complicated in life. The story is sweet with twists and turns and an all consuming love that we all want to find.
Book quote: Reeston cleared his throat. "Are you afraid to admit your feelings and lose yourself to her?"