3 Short and Sweet Romance Reviews

I've signed up with a site that allows you to request to read novels for free in exchange for an honest review which is basically my website spirit animal. I'm so in love and have been fortunate to have been given over six novels already! I was given these titles in exchange for an honest review which we all know I provide regardless!

1. Hearts of Stone- Guardian Wings by Inka Loreen Minden

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview made me want to read it so I requested it.
Why I loved the book: This book holds supernatural elements such as gargoyles, witches, angels, and demons. In this novel we have two parallel romance lines which I thought was great. We have two "forbidden" romances, between a witch and a half gargoyle and an angel and a fallen angel, Vincent and Noir and Kara and Ash. There's the redeeming power of love, the playing with of fate and destiny, and a damn good happy ending. The book has twists and turns to keep you engaged along with the sexy, lust elements that ultimately lead to incredible sex scenes. I really loved the writing and the story as a whole.
Book quote: "He is very big," Ash chuckled and his heart flipped over with joy, because he loved his little angle.

2. College Bound by Lilia Ford

Recommend: Moderately
Why I picked up the book: The overview and cover were interesting enough to spark my interest.
Why I loved the book: While I can't say I loved the book, I can say the writing was pretty damn good. The book takes on an interesting turn on the power play money offers, can't get to into it without ruining the book for you, and I liked that. The author weaved things into the book while telling it from the first person of our heroine who has her own bout of issues. Gareth, James, and Natalie are all a bit fucked up which really comes to a head during the last few chapters of the book. I'm not fond of a few elements of the book but the story and writing are good so I got through it. If you don't like the idea of having more than one person in a relationship, you most likely won't enjoy this book. I would, however, suggest this to anyone who wants a bit of a different spin on romance with interesting sex because this book offers both of those along with good writing. There's kind of a happy ending so that pacified me, as well.
Book quote: "I get to be your slave girl for a month, I got it," I said in what had to be called a flip tone.

3. Into His Dark by Angel Payne

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview reached out and demanded I read!
Why I loved the book: This is my first book by Angel Payne and she hit a home run! I loved this story! It was a different take on romance in the modern era with a bit of old clashing with new. Evrest is just so perfect, imperfectly perfect! He is definitely an alpha wolf in all his glory. Evrest is well suited for Cam and the chemistry is off the charts! The story line is interesting and will make you fall in love with Evrest just as Cam does. Cam is a very modern day women with a great heart, wit, and the need for the kind of love Evrest can give. The writing is fantastic, the story and the characters develop well within the pages, and there's a freaking happy ending that ended with me jumping out of bed to scream my happiness. I dare you to not want to find an Evrest of your own!
Book quote: "Tell me what you want." He dragged his mouth down my neck, marking me just enough with his teeth. "What it will take to make you say yes."



  1. So thrilled and honored that you liked Evrest and cam's story! Thank you for reading!