3 Must Know Tips to Fight Acne

1. Clean face or acne area with pine tar soap

Pine tar soap is used for psoriasis and works wonders on acne prone skin. Instead of buying cleansers from drug stores or kits like Pro Active, use pine tar in the morning and at night. You can even leave a lather on your face overnight without aggravating your skin. This organic soap is gentle on even sensitive skin types and can be found in places like Whole Foods or online. 

2. For facial acne, clean face once in the morning and once at night

When you begin your day and end your day, your skin needs to be clean. While sleeping, you tend to sweat and whatnot so cleaning your face in the morning to clear away the unnecessary oils or grime is important. Throughout your day, especially if you workout or work out in the elements, dirt, sweat, and grime gets on your face and into your pores. Cleaning your face before you go to bed gets rid of all the garbage on your face and allows your face to breathe which can lessen and alleviate pimples and breakouts. 

3. Don't drink soda and sugary liquids

Your body gets thrown off when you drink things like soda and sugar filled juices constantly. Internal issues can lead to acne. A healthy lifestyle and diet can lessen acne and sometimes get rid of it all together save for the random pimple. Drinking water, especially with lemon and lime, helps flush your system and detox the body which can help with skin complexion and acne issues.