6 Short and Sweet Romance Reviews

With having a week off from work, the family went on vacation to Florida, and getting sick, I've had a lot of down time in my bed. I love reading so that is where I turned during my sick week. I normally write quite a bit when I write about books, but this time I think I'll keep it short and to the point. I hope I add to your reading libraries and don't make your bank accounts weep.

1. Unspoken by Jen Frederick

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: I've read Jen Frederick before because of The Kerr Chronicles and figured she wouldn't let me down.
Why I loved the book: First off, the story pulls you right in because the heroine is so damn easy to like. Second, I live for instant, sizzling attraction! The plot was good and sheds light on a crappy part of life, rumors can make your life a living hell even when you're out of high school. There is character development and I fell in love with the Marine. The writing is great, which is really important to me, and there's the happy ending I always seek when reading! If you're tired of series, this is a great stand on its own novel.

2. Darker Water by Lauren Stewart

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview intrigued me enough to purchase the book.
Why I loved the book: Interesting plot, great character chemistry, a happy ending, and character development were all found while reading this book. That's a great thing because I wouldn't have been happy without all of those points. Laney is our heroine and Carson is a redeemable hero, both are characters you can relate to because life made them the way they are. Personally, I fell in love with Carson because underneath his not giving a fuck attitude was a great man who felt he needed to guard himself against emotional hurt. Laney is so easy for me to relate to and I found that an important factor to the story. The writing is potent and I dare you to not love Carson Bennett.

3. The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview tugged at something deep inside me and clawed at me until I purchased the book.
Why I loved the book: What made this book so good was how it pulls at your emotions, it forces you to become emotionally attached to the characters, especially Drew. Drew is the male hero and what a wonderful hero he is: witty, goal focused, honest, thoughtful, and just a bit complicated. The heroine, Anna, makes you love her and want to strangle her all at the same damn time. She's trying to keep feelings out of what her and Drew have while Drew's fighting to have everything. The writing is exquisite, on the level of Sylvia Day (Crossfire Series) and Jodi Ellen Malpas (This Man Trilogy/One Night Trilogy), the characters are well developed and well suited, the plot is interesting, and there's a happy ending!

4. Destroyed by Pepper Winters

Recommend: Highly
Why I picked up the book: The overview was so damn intriguing and a friend of mine suggested the book with a lot of praise.
Why I loved the book: I like to sometimes dive into the darker stories, the ones that are so raw that you can't believe something beautiful can come of it, and that is where this book stands. The writing is so compelling, the characters are so complicated and redeemable, and the plot was so refreshingly fabulous that I sucked the book down in a few hours. The hero and heroine are unlike any you've read about before, but the love they are able to find makes them redeemable and brings you to tears. The character development is flawless, the plot is creative and dark, and the book makes you open your eyes to realize life exists in shades of grey and love can bring about all the beautiful colors when you least expect it.

5. Drawn Series (Drawn and Drawn Redemption) by Lilliana Anderson

Recommend: Moderately High
Why I picked up the book: The overview made me download the first book quick and the need to have a happy ending led me to the second book.
Why I loved the book: I like things that don't always make sense at first and this book ensure that happens. Love doesn't make sense and sometimes we don't love the person we're meant to be with at the right time and in the right way. Sometimes we try to run from something that not many understand and that we ourselves find overwhelming because it's so powerful. In the end, we realize what we need to survive and it isn't boring and normal but all consuming passion that invades our thought. The writing was compelling, the story line complicated and ever shifting, the character development pulled at you, and the need for a happy ending throws you into the second book. The author allows you to pick which of the two guys the heroine has her "happy ending" with. Personally, I chose Damien because an all consuming kind of love is what I seek and a redeemable tragic hero is what I love.

6. The Rock Star's Seduction Series by Olivia Thorne

Recommend: Moderate
Why I picked up the book: The overview urged me to buy the first book and the need to know if there was a happy ending forced my hand into getting all three.
Why I loved the book: I loved the aspect of falling in love, it not working out, and giving it a try again. That's what our heroine and hero, Derek, face. The first book was solid and had me running around screaming. The second book was just as good with twists and turns and a love triangle with Ryan, Derek's best friend. What ruined the entire series for me was the last book. I feel as though the book was just a big mess, the heroine fucked up and needed to get over herself, and Derek wasn't shown as a redeemable male hero as he should have been. The author took the easy way out and gave the bull shit "she can have them both" for the ending. That is NOT a happy fucking ending. I live in the real world with enough disappointments, the least you could fucking do was make Derek redeemable enough for her to follow that passion. Yeah, I spoiled it because you have to understand why this series made me upset. I actually spent three hours ranting because I need a happy fucking ending.



  1. Just started reading The Hook Up and I love Drew already. Your book reviews and recommendations are always spot on, Sam!