3 Jobs to Consider While in College

College is expensive, even if you go to a community college or state school. What I find is a struggle for many college aged students with finding jobs is that they don't realize they don't have to work in retail or fast food. There are jobs that pay well and are flexible with your college schedule if you just know where to look. 


If you're grades are good and you can teach others, tutoring might be the way to go. You can either freelance tutor, tutor high school students or middle school students privately, or work for your school's tutoring center. Usually, a college's tutoring center is work study only so keep that in mind. Tutoring privately is a cash only business meaning you won't have to take out taxes. The tutoring rates are anywhere from $10 an hour to $30 an hour. If you can tutor two or three students four hours a week for even just $10 an hour, you're pay range is between at $80-$120 weekly. You can always add more students or hours to make higher pay. 


I'm a massive advocate for babysitting and nannying as I've been doing it for about six years. Usually the pay is tax free like with private tutoring. It depends upon your area, but the average "date night" babysitting pay is between $10-20 an hour. This is also dependent upon how many children and your expected duties, but still awesome money. 

Nannying is a bit more complicated as you are more like an actual employee with a set number of hours to be with the child or children. Most part-time nanny gigs are between 10 and 25 hours per week. It depends upon the family's needs and your schedule. Some people offer their nannies things like bonuses, paid vacation, and a set salary even if you don't work every day or hour. All of these are variables and vary by family. Some families give you a car to drive, others expect you to drive your own, while others don't require you to drive at all. Some want you to cook, do light housekeeping, errand running, and tutoring while others just want you to warm up a pre-made dinner and help the kids with their homework. Your job is to ask as many questions as possible to understand what is expected of you and how payment works. 

The massive plus with becoming a babysitter or nanny is the networking aspect. Many of these people are higher up in their careers and are willing to help you if they like you enough. I've worked with CEOs/Presidents/Vice Presidents/Directors and they have all helped me should I reach out. Websites like Care.com and Sittercity.com are useful in finding positions like these. The sites mentions can also be used to find private tutoring positions. 

Paid Internship

Paid internships do exist! I promise! There are several dozen companies that will pay you to intern with them throughout the school year. If they really like you and your quality of work, they will extend the offer for more than just fall and keep you through the beginning of the summer. This is a great way to network, make money, an also work in your specific field of choice. When companies hire on interns, many of them understand that school comes first. They won't ask you to work 35 hours a week, usually between 15 and 25 depending upon your course load.