The Bedroom Chronicles: The Weekend Getaway Part 1

"Serena, can you pass me the pink bikini set you're holding so I can pack it?" Allison asked her best friend as she neatly folded a navy sundress and packed it into her luggage.

"I can't believe you're going on a weekend getaway to some tropical place and won't tell me who with," Serena grumbled, tossing the bikini at her best friend.

"Just because you're struggling with your current love life because you'd like to screw Hudson, your boss and man I've known for years, doesn't mean you have to take it out on me!" Allison laughed, catching the thrown swimsuit and placing it in her bag.

"I don't see why you think this is so funny. You've seen the man, walking sex. He's so arrogantly hot it should be illegal." Serena moaned shaking her head.

"He is, and he's keen on bedding you. Why not just give in? Hudson, for all his faults, is a good man who won't fire you once he's slept with you. Hell, you're saving his ass so he can't fire you, anyway. Plus, Nathan would rip him to shreds since he's the one who advocated for you." Allison said, smiling at her best friend while feeling slightly guilty.

She loved Serena, but how do you tell someone you're going away for the weekend with your brother that you've been in a romance with since you were 17? No one outside of the immediate family knew that Allison and Nathan weren't actually related by blood. It was beginning to get more complicated with trying to hide their feelings and relationship as Nathan began to demand more of her. She loved him completely but Allison realized where Nathan was heading: marriage, children, all the things she couldn't give him. How could she without the scandal and the fallout?

The brunette shook her head to rid herself of the thoughts of the impending future and focused on the now. She was less than 25 minutes away from Nathan coming to pick her up. They'd leave out of Teterboro airport on a private jet and land in the Dominican Republic late in the evening. Nathan had invested in the property a few years ago and built a gorgeous condo in Punta Cana.

"You really think I should give in?" Serena questioned Allison, looking at her and waiting for the answer intently.

"Yes! Serena, Hudson has never pursued anyone as actively as he's been doing for you. Honestly, I don't think he's ever had to. You may screw each other until you're done or maybe it will lead to something greater because God knows Hudson deserves someone like you after staying with his bitch of an ex-fiance for so long." Allison answered, grinning and winking.

"Maybe I will just go for it. A man that commanding and hot cannot suck in bed. Let me know when you take off and land! Send me lots of photos and bring me back something from the beautiful island." Serena giggled, hugging her best friend before making her way out of the apartment.

Allison watched her best friend leave just as she felt her iPhone 6 vibrate. She looked down at the mobile phone and grinned. It was from Nathan.

I couldn't wait to get to you so the car's already outside waiting. 

Allison grinned and ran to open her door, only to run smack into a very solid chest. Her eyes darted up as she felt a strong arm wrap around her to ensure she didn't fall backwards. Grey blue eyes met crystal clear blue eyes and Allison melted into his hold. Of course, Nathan wasn't one to wait around so he came up to collect her. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as Nathan's hungry mouth took hers.

"Let's grab your things and head down to the car. Jared is waiting." Nathan whispered against her lips just before straightening and releasing her.

"Of course," Allison responded, watching him stride to her room.

Allison knew he was going to grab her bag so she walked towards her door and slipped on the shoes she was wearing earlier. When she heard his footsteps coming closer, she walked into the hallway and hit the elevator button. When the elevator's ding rang out that it had reached her floor, she felt Nathan's hand on her lower back alerting her of his presence. The two quietly made their way into the elevator and pressed for lobby.

The elevator ride was quiet, just as the walk to the waiting car was. Jared opened the trunk for Nathan as he saw the two approaching. The driver and bodyguard held no judgement towards Nathan or Allison. He was on of Nathan's most trusted friends and he knew of their relationship. He hated their situation but knew Nathan was better with Allison than without her.

"All ready?" Jared asked, looking at both Allison and Nathan in the rear view mirror.

"Yes, Jared! How are you?" Allison answered with a smile.

"Better now that you're here. You know Nathan's a damn tyrant when you aren't around." Jared laughed with a wink.

Nathan rolled his eyes but smiled at Allison. She made him better, it was an undeniable fact. He hated when they were apart for long periods of time, which their lives forced them to be. His blue eyes narrowed and focused on Allison's right hand that was now rubbing against his dick. Did she really want him to lose it before they boarded the plane?

"Sweetheart," Nathan warned lowly, voice tight.

"It's been too long, Nathan," Allison whispered back, eyes clouding over with lust.

"I'll take you as soon as we board the plane, I promise. So be a good girl. You know you love the reward." Nathan responded, taking her hand away from his swelling cock and holding it with his instead.

The ride to Teterboro might as well have been a ride to Las Vegas because it felt like it was never going to end. The damn traffic in the city, to get out of the city and finally in New Jersey was testing his patience. Don't people understand his need to get in his jet and have his way with the gorgeous, lusty woman next to him? As the car weaved through the traffic on the highway, Nathan closed his eyes. Only about fifteen minutes to go before he would have Allison stuffed full of his cock. That was his favorite kind of Allison, full of his cock, taking pleasure from him and screaming his name.